Sunday, 10 March 2013


Today is Mother's Day in the UK - where all over the land countless breakfasts will have been prepared by inexperienced little fingers, while Mum lies in bed, preparing her face in an expression of delighted surprise as she tries to ignore the crashing sounds coming from the kitchen and wondering what kind of mess will be waiting for her downstairs.  

Bit of a bummer that the day during which all mums are traditionally spoilt falls on the same day as the Six Nations rugby tournament*, when England will later be playing Italy and men will be watching from their position on the edge of the sofa, cold beer in hand as they yell their support.

My own two sweet little angels bought me the perfect presents:

Pink flowers in a hat-box from my daughter (just what every romantic novelist needs).

And a boxed- set of Mrs Brown's Boys from my son.  If you're seeking the biggest belly-laugh in the world - then this is what you need to watch.

Happy Mother's Day.

*Ireland were robbed yesterday!


  1. Happy Mother's Day!
    We celebrate it the second Sunday in May, here in Italy.

    Lucky you had your children with you this day :) - this year I'll miss it cos I'll be out from April 29th to May 26th for apprenticeship in Police and I still don't know which town in Italy I'll have to spend it.
    Hope it'll be Milan since my boyfriend's there now.

  2. Edge of the seat was right, Sharon. My male of choice couldn't bear to watch and retired to the conservatory to read a fictional thriller.

  3. Somehow I thought you'd be rooting for Wales in your house, Liz.. :-)