Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I used to be completely crazy about the band Tyrannosaurus Rex (later T-Rex) featuring the tangled-haired Marc Bolan who was as famous for his mischievous grin and glitter daubed clothes as he was for his poetry-set-to-music.  

One of the best experiences of my life was managing to get in at the back of Croydon's Fairfield Hall, where they were performing.  I chucked my (glittery) scarf  over the fence, persuaded a security guard to open up the gate and then my friend and I legged it to the stage door, where we convinced the band's manager we were mates of Marc's!  I'm sure he didn't believe a word of it but he let us sit on the side of the stage for the entire performance. 

The evening passed like a blissful dream.  Sigh.  I've always thought Marc Bolan's musical ability and guitar playing was hugely under appreciated, and this is my very favourite track of all time.
Listen to the twang of the guitar;  I defy your heart not to melt....


  1. Your ingenuity is commendable, Ms Kendrick -excellent thinking with the scarf... ('I dropped it, and a freak gust of wind carried it over the fence.' You'd need a dazzling smile to get away with that one!)

    I love music that crosses over into poetry, and this was a new one on me. Thank you!

    1. A pleasure, India.
      He wrote a wonderful book of poetry which I used to own, but lost a long long time ago... :-(