Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Always a pleasure when Mr Postman (and no, I'm not being sexist because I've never seen a female postie here in Winchester) knocks on the door with a parcel full of books.  
Question:  Why isn't parcelful a *real* word, when saucerful is?  

Today's goodie included this rather dreamy cover.  It's a bit 1960's - all bleached and faded summer meadow, with a couple who look like they are sharing a secret (a saucerful of secrets?).  The heroine is holding what looks like a dahlia - a rather old-fashioned flower which my father used to grow.  I was about to comment that you hardly ever see them now, but the Royal Horiculture Society reliably informs me that they are invaluable in the summer border.   So there!

The great thing about this book (other than it's always great to be included in a book with superstar, Lynne Graham) is that my story is called THE UNLIKELY MISTRESS, which has always been one of my favourites.  Opening in the opulent and romantic city of Venice, it features the gauche Sabrina who makes the mistake of falling for a man who is way, way out of her league in just about every way there is.....

So do you like the cover?  
Or maybe you have something to say about dahlias?


  1. Thank you so much for describing me as a superstar. Am looking forward to reading The Unlikely Mistress as that title doesn't ring a bell with me

  2. Lovely cover, Sharon. I like the flower too. I've seen them in gardens - but not being green fingered didn't know what they were - LOL. Now I do thanks to you! Caroline x

    1. Thanks, Caroline.
      See also *asters* - which are similar blooms but with more raggedy petals. :-)

  3. Definitely a pom-pom dahlia, Sharon. We've got pots planted up with the "Bishops" this year - Llandaff and York amongst them. :) Love the retro cover, btw!

  4. Thanks, Liz - I love the names of these flowers and am now developing an interest in dahlias which my father will be proud of!
    And yes, the retro look rocks, doesn't it? :-)

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