Tuesday 30 October 2018


Okay, I know it's still November but already in the shops I can see twinkly lights, stars - and cards with impossibly green triangular-shaped trees.  So, do you love Christmas, or are you like my latest hero, Salvio de Gennaro - and hate every minute of it?

I've just fulfilled a long-held dream and visited the beautiful city of Naples.

Naples has 366 churches and the best sea-food and mozzarella in the world.  (Oh, and properly juicy tomatoes).

I've gazed on Mount Vesuvius and seen the famous bay.....

I've eaten the most delicious pastries known to mankind (sflogliatelle).  In fact, you can read an earlier blog post on this very subject.  

And I've watched the vibrant and colourful life of this unique and spectacular  city....which brings me to my latest book THE ITALIAN'S CHRISTMAS HOUSEKEEPER, which is set in Napoli.
The hero is a once-famous football star who's known his share of bad times.  He isn't looking for love - but then he finds Molly and suddenly, all bets are off.
If you want an emotional roller-coaster - if you want to remember all the things you love best about Christmas - then look no further than this seasonal read of passion and heartbreak.


  1. Great to read your post Sharon - where have you been? (Apart from Napoli of course!) I've just picked up my copy of your latest from here at Barnes and Noble in Palm Desert, CA. (There was only one left!) Might your next location be a return to desert sands?
    Jackie A Roo

  2. Funny you should say that, Jackie - I do have a desert book out very soon but it's set in an imaginary Kingdom, and not Palm Springs! :-)

  3. That's great news - a sexy sheikh I hope?!