Thursday 7 January 2010


Michela writes to say that Naples famously has three beautiful things:  il mare, il Vesuvio e le Sfogliatelle. The latter is a shell or cone-shaped pastry filled with orange-flavoured ricotta - though almond paste or citron peel can also be substituted.  Yummy!

Should you feel encouraged to try this at home (and can speak Italian) - here's how to do it:   SFOGLIATELLA NAPOLETANA


  1. Dear Sharon and Michela. Naples has one other thing which is the burial place of Vergil, surely the MOST wonderful of all poets. I like to think that if old Publius had been alive today, he'd have been a fan of yours, Sharon! Do you know any Vergil? Perhaps you could write a modern version of Dido and Aeneas?

  2. That's true, Caius. Vergil died here in Naples and I visited its burial place - so suggestive and solemn. Wonderful poet who left immortal works.

    Sharon, I hope you'll eat "una buonissima sfogliatella" soon!
    Will I read one day about a Neapolitan hero of yours? :)

  3. Sembra proprio buona, purtroppo non so cucinare...managgia!

  4. Thanks for all the varied comments - and to my son for his - but the only word I could understand was "eating" (and perhaps "cooking"?) - could Michela translate?!

  5. Congratulations for Patrick's excellent Italian!
    Sharon - the phrase means: It seems really good, unfortunately I can't cook... and "mannaggia" can be literally translated with "damn".

  6. To Patrick: Don't worry anyway - because we buy sfogliatelle in a pastry shop, they're too difficult to cook at home. We let the confectioner do the magic.