Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Here's mine. The trees are amazing and the leaves on the tree on the right look much more golden in real-life than they appear in this photo. Like bright foil-wrapped toffees hanging from the branches.
But I've written in all kinds of places....a windowless hallway....a dining room table...a caravan park in West Wales or overlooking a Mediterranean swimming pool. Actually, the view is irrelevant as well as sometimes distracting. Because when the story is going well - you don't want or need or notice anything else.

What can you see from your window?


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Lovely to hear from you, lovely to see you on the page and read your blog - you make it look effortless and fun. I find it extremely difficult and reasonably alarming. What is going on I wonder?
    I would love to learn more, like how do you take your pictures? On your phone or a camera? And as for the goddam novel - how I empathise and well done for taking that step. I am still messing around int he small sparks trying to get the flame roaring under mine, but its slow - now there is blogging and twitter how is anyone every meant to work?

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I love your photo.
    From my window I may see cows grazing if it were summer or lambs frolicking if spring.
    Right now the trees are losing their golden leaves (helped by last night's wind) and the rain is making everything look dreary, but like you said, when you get lost in the world of your characters it doesn't matter what you can see!
    At least you can escape the autumn days for June in your new novel.

  3. That's a lovely view, Sharon.

    I have a field with cows (in summer) and hills with sheep at the rear. A golden leaved oak and the village school (and Mums in 4x4s twice a day at the front.) All through a dreary drizzle at the moment.

  4. Rafaella (what a wonderful name) - I take photos on my (new!) digital camera and then download them onto my (new!) Mac - trying to get into technology, even though I am a Luddite by nature. And I agree - too much talking/blogging/twittering means not enough writing. Or thinking. Or basically it means being creative about the wrong sort of stuff if you aren't careful.
    Loved your site, though

  5. Rachael - cows!
    Liz - sheep!
    Now that's PROPERLY rural!

  6. I can see leaves falling from trees outside my window and I love it - autumn is really coming.

    Nice title for the post - reminds the wonderful novel.