Sunday, 1 November 2009


A reader wants to know what's on my desk. A brilliant, bright-red phone. Solid and reassuring, it also makes me feel very nostalgic. Here it is (the three empty coffee mugs are out of shot!).

It's a replica of the phone my school friend Heather had in her house in Ashford, Middlesex. As an only child, I spent many happy hours round at her house (she has three brothers!). Strains of loud rock music would filter through the house while we two experimented with make-up (often with terrifying results) - and ate sickly cakes.
What makes you nostalgic?

Here's a wider view of the desk.
You can see my shiny new Mac. Next to the phone is a fabulous pink jewel - which, like the phone - is also a replica, but this time of the famous pink sapphire of Karedes (which you may have read about in THE PLAYBOY SHEIKH'S VIRGIN STABLE GIRL). Beside that is a wonderful deep blue stone which I bought when I was visiting my son in Siena. My daughter drew the portrait of me when she was eight. The jewel-encrusted alligator was given to me at an amazing party in Santa Barbara and the books in the foreground are Italian dictionaries (my latest hero is called Giancarlo Vellutini). You might just be able to catch a glimpse of the paper-weight, designed by Antony Gormley for his Blind Light exhibition at the Tate Gallery. This was a rather terrifying experience when you walked into a giant cube filled with dry ice, limiting visibility to practically zero and making you feel completely disorientated. Which sounds a bit like shopping just before Christmas.
What's the most precious thing on your desk, I wonder?


  1. Dear Sharon,

    first of all I'm happy to read that your new book features another Italian male character - and my compliment to the choice of the name (I love the name Giancarlo, it reminds me our charismatic Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini)- also his surname seems a caress like velvet. As a matter of fact, velvet in Italian is velluto. :)

    Anyway... on my desk there's my pc, my cordless (yes, very less nostalgic than your wonderful bright-red phone), a green washington lamp, a little metallic stereo on the corner and first of all, on the wall facing my desk there's a great cork showcase where I "immortalize" the most meaningful moments of my life: photos, postcards, tickets, little paintings of my creation (yes!), presents and souvenirs. That's what makes me nostalgic but happy at the same time: my precious moments and rememberings fixed in time, everyday accessible to my sight.

    P.S. In my last e-mail I have sent 2 photos of mine, have you seen them?


  2. Michela - I'm glad you like Vellutini - I always research my hero's surnames extensively - it has to look and feel and sound right. Glad that as an Italian woman you approve when I write about Italian heroes!
    Yes, your photos at your parents' wedding anniversary were gorgeous. Thanks so much.