Thursday, 29 April 2010


Wild garlic soup with Judas Ear and deep-fried egg. Squid stuffed with duck terrine. The best chocolate pudding in the entire universe.....

Many people know Winchester's finest restaurant THE BLACK RAT where I had a delicious and laughter-filled dinner last night - but not everyone knows the famous dog which coincidentally shares the same name. Rats "Ratty" Nicholson. And what a dog! He is fearless and feisty and can terrify dogs twice his size - but underneath it all, he is just a big softie.

Here he is.
Rats hasn't been feeling well recently and so this is a get-well wish from me.

Do you know a dog as cute as Rats?


  1. Rats is definitely a cutie. I've always been fond of dogs and have been lucky enough to have known some cute ones. I think my sister's dog, Rocky, qualifies.

    Here he is:

    (He's a fan of the crime/thriller genre.)

  2. Sharon, Rocky's not quite 2 years old yet and has more energy than I can fathom. He spent last weekend at my house as my sister and husband were away and I'm still trying to catch my breath. I'm lucky to live near some 'wide open spaces' and he wanted to run every inch of them. We had fun....and plenty of excercise.

  3. All dogs are cute in their own way - like all of us...but...I did buy some wild garlic at Borough Market the other day and it really is delicious!Was the first time I'd cooked with it and won't be the last!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Just seen your post about having a nice evening at The Black Rat, glad we could partner your evening