Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The magnolia is the most primitive flowering plant still living on Earth - and really quite exquisite. So here, to herald spring and to remind ourselves of natural beauty - is a photo sent all the way from Chicago - of the tree which blooms in Dan's neighbour's garden. Thanks. Dan!

Meanwhile, here in England - the General Election has been called at long last.
I love it! Four weeks of wall-to-wall debating, angst, anger and passion - in what is being called the closest campaign in decades.
Do you love politics - or do you wish you could close your eyes and wish it was all over?


  1. My pleasure, Sharon. Thank you for posting it.

    Being from the state of Illinois, I try to avoid the topic of politics. Our last governor has been indicted for trying to sell a senate seat. And the governor before him? He's currently serving a prison term for corruption.

  2. I don't understand why there's been so much fuss about announcing a date for this blessed election--our school secretaries have had 6th May booked as 'closed for election and inset day' for months!

    But in answer to your question, Sharon, I will be glad when it's all over and we've all had a good laugh about the biggest lie/most unlikely to be honoured promise that emerges over the next few weeks. I live in duck house country after all.

    The result (which ever way it goes) also fills me with dread--as does the other thing, world cup or something isn't it?

    Thank heavens for a good book!


    Rach. (feeling a bit better for that rant)

  3. Ciao Sharon - did you get my reply to your mail?

  4. Definitely wish it was all over. I have four weeks of the dh refusing to listen to the news and switching over the tv every time a politician appears. But then he is old enough to have seen it all and heard it all before.

  5. Thank you, Michela - yes - and SO useful!