Friday, 21 May 2010


In July, a brand-new continuity series is being launched by Harlequin Mills & Boon. It features a flawed and fantastically rich dynasty known as the Balfours.

The series kicks off with the fabulous Michelle Reid's book entitled MIA'S SCANDAL and my own story follows in August. It's called KAT'S PRIDE and here's a sneak preview of the cover.

It's gorgeous, isn't it?
Kat is nothing like my usual heroines - she's rich and she's spoilt and she can be petulant. Writing her was a big challenge. But when I dug deeper, I was able to discover the reasons why she hides behind a brash and glitzy bravado....and to find the real person beneath.
In a way, she reminds me of Amy from LITTLE WOMEN (one of my all time favourite books) - who was probably the least popular of the sisters. But I like my characters to be a challenge - the more difficult the journey they have to take in order to find true happiness - the more satisfying the conclusion.

Do you have a favourite heroine from childhood books?


  1. Although she wasn't a prototypical heroine, I always liked Phoebe Caulfield from "The Catcher in the Rye". The book didn't resonate with my as much as it did for others, but I thought Holden's little sister was a great character. She was also an author - she wrote detective stories featuring a character named "Hazel Weatherfield". Fantastic.

  2. This New Legacy seems so interesting and the cover is beautiful!

    The hero’s face partially hidden sounds appealing - wondering when the book will come out in Napoli, not so soon I suppose… I’m curious to read about this spoiled girl being tamed over the course of the story!
    Amy March is a good reference in order to portray the heroine in my mind – though I loved Jo’s character mostly – unconventional, unsophisticated, intolerant to strict rules of her society because she was an ARTIST and – as I heard from a very wise person – artists feel and look at the world differently from other people, so they tend to suffer more sometimes. How true…

    The heroine of my childhood is Jane Eyre – brave, genuine, a typical modern woman – though her character was created more than a hundred years ago. She grew up in loneliness and faced the hardest troubles without losing hopes. She fell in love with a man whose heart was closed by painful memories but her presence – as a sweet balsam – led Rochester to life, once again.

    I love the part when she knows about Rochester’s insane wife and she’s calm, quiet, as nothing happened - because her love was strongest than anything else – but her sense of morality pushes her away from Thornfield Hall.

    I’ve always loved The Bronte sisters’ skill to portray love as something necessary, vital for life and soul and whose absence can lead to a spiritual death and to desperation.

    I loved “Wuthering heights” more but Catherine couldn’t be my heroine. Jane makes up for Cathy’s defects and – as a reader – I can identify with her mostly.

  3. Michela - did I tell you that I've recently written a Harlequin version of Jane Eyre? But now I'm terrified you'll read it as you're such a huge fan of the original!

    And everyone always likes Jo March best.....

  4. Dan, do you know I've never read Catcher In The Rye.
    I guess I should....

  5. Sharon, I recommend it. In America, it seems to have taken on some mythic quality. While it was a very good book, I still don't love it like, say, "To Kill A Mockingbird". And now that I have had more time to think about it, "Scout" from that novel would be a better choice for a childhood heroine. My grandfather gave me a signed, first edition of "To Kill A Mockingbird" when I was very young. It remains my most cherished possession. Whenever I read it, I'm flooded with fond memories of granddad.

  6. Sharon, it’s true – everyone always love Jo mostly – but she was the pillar of her family and, in my opinion, the real main character of the story.

    I agree with Dan, you should read “The Catcher in the Rye” – a very good novel of education – though my favourite one of the genre is “A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man”.

    James Joyce is such a skillful player of linguistic games… he beautifully disconcerts you when you read his works and feel pretty much dazed. Superb.

    Don’t be terrified! I didn’t know about this new M&B but can’t wait to read it.
    A new Jane Eyre? Sounds interesting…

    Dan - I love “To Kill A Mockingbird” too! It’s true, Scout can be a great childhood heroine. And the whole story is such a wonderful masterpiece.

  7. Oh does this series sound amazing and the cover it incredible. Do you know what authors are writing the series besides you and Michelle?

  8. Yes, Marilyn - they are:

    Emily's Innocence (Balfour Legacy Collection) by India Grey

    Olivia's Awakening (Balfour Legacy Collection) by Margaret Way

    Zoe's Lesson (Balfour Legacy Collection) by Kate Hewitt

    Annie's Secret (Balfour Legacy Collection) by Carole Mortimer

    Sophie's Seduction (Balfour Legacy Collection) by Kim Lawrence

    Bella's Disgrace (Balfour Legacy Collection) by Sarah Morgan

  9. Amanda Gardner23 May 2010 at 01:17

    Hi Sharon

    I don't really have a favorite heroine from my childhood books.

    Love the cover for Kat's Pride.

    Here is the US covers for the first three books of the Balfour Series (August,September and October) from

    Michelle's book - Mia’s Scandal (Mia and the Powerful Greek) -

    Your book Kat's Pride (Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard) -

    India's book - Emily and the Notorious Prince (Emily's Innocence)-

  10. Milly-Molly-Mandy ...

  11. Thanks very much for that, Amanda - I really like the US title of KAT AND THE DAREDEVIL SPANIARD....mmm!

  12. Amanda Gardner23 May 2010 at 13:14

    Hi Sharon

    I thought it was interesting how the names of the books have changed from the UK ones to the US ones. I like the titles either way.

    Kim Lawrence's book - Sophie's Seduction is called Sophie and the Scorching Sicilian but there is no cover yet to compare against the UK cover.

    Not sure what the last four books will be called because you can't find any of the Harlequin titles after November yet on

    Michelle has seen the Amazon link for her US cover after I had sent her an email with the links for her book.