Saturday, 29 May 2010


The must-see event of May beckons....
It's my first ever trip to the Chelsea Flower Show.

There are crowds. I mean, this is like Cup Final day (only the people are smarter and the only scarves they are wearing are fashioned from pure silk).

This unusual display of beautiful glass blooms caught my eye because it's called Isfahan - and I've been there. The colour of these flowers is one of the many shades of blue which abound in that amazing city.....

To be honest, most of the plants were past their best (it was the end of a long, very hot week).
Lilies wilted and only the spooky carnivorous plants looked completely comfortable in the humid atmosphere. But the Dutch hyacinths were exquisitely-scented and I discovered a magnificent display of a flower I adore.

It's the same flower which Harriet Vane carried in her bouquet when she married Lord Peter Wimsey. I love it but can never spell it and am going to have to go and look it up.

What's your favourite flower, and why?


  1. Titan Arum - a remarkable plant for size, growth (up to 4 inches a day) and longevity - although I'm not sure you'd want to dab its scent behind your ears...

  2. Fantastic pictures, Sharon! The colors are explosive!

    Another tough question... A top 3 would have been a bit easier. However, I would have to go with the Rose. I know it may be a bit cliche, but you can say so much with a rose. Either white, yellow, or passionate red, the gesture of presenting someone with these beautiful flowers can mean so many different things. Be it just a single, perfect red rose or 2 dozen long-stemmed ones. The rose can turn a memorable evening into an unforgettable one.

  3. Dan, completely agree about the rose - especially those blousy old-fashioned ones in muted colours, which have untidy petals and the most tantalising scent...

  4. Red rose – absolutely. It’s not a cliché.
    As I explained in another post on this blog (check “Continuous as the stars that shine”) this flower is like “a bleeding heart with different layers which lead to the centre of passion”.
    It’s the every time flower, for every year, every season, every moment.

    The best present I’ve received with this kind of flowers is a heart-shaped bouquet of magnificent, little red roses covered with dew like sparkling diamonds.

  5. Well said, Michela. It's not a cliche. It's a classic.

    And Sharon - if your smile in the first picture is any indication - it looks like you had a wonderful time.