Tuesday, 18 May 2010


couldn't drag me away......

Well, that's not quite true. Eventually, I was forced to leave the Tuscan idyll where I was revealing the secrets of writing romantic fiction to lively group of women at The Watermill - and to head for home.
But I shall miss the silvery-green olive trees, the cute cows with bells hung around their necks and the masses of wild flowers which were everywhere. (Do you suppose that the famous rock-band Deep Purple named themselves after the orchids which studded every available field?)

I'm in love with Italy.
Which country makes your heart beat a little faster?


  1. I fell in love with Spain during my first visit to that beautiful country. I was there to attend the wedding of a friend, but soon fell in love with the architecture, the restaurants, the culture and the people. The thought of a lovely evening at Plaza de Mina in Cadiz takes my breath away. I made a return trip a few years ago to see more of the country and uncover more of it's wonderful treasures. Yes, Spain definitely makes my heart beat faster.

  2. For me it has to be Italy.
    It is a country I've always longed to visit, wanting to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa since I was about eight. Thanks to you and the course at the Watermill, I've achieved that ambition - several times.
    The only problem is now I'd love to explore much more of Italy! As an aspiring romance writer I think I could use the excuse of research for another trip to Italy.

  3. Dan, I love Spain, too - but don't know it nearly well enough. It always seems so big and bold and magnificent. You've made me want to visit Cadiz - and of course, you will no doubt be rushing out to buy KAT AND THE DAREDEVIL SPANIARD which comes out in N. America in August!

    Rachael - I think that aspiring writers need LOTS of research trips!

  4. Thanks for another suggestion, Sharon. I look forward to reading "The Prince's Chambermaid" upon its arrival. It will be my first foray into the genre; I've never read a romance novel. But for me, it has never been about genres. It's all about good writing and I'm very sure that I will not be disappointed.

    As far as Cadiz, the memories are warm ones. If you visit that beautiful city, I'm sure you will love it as much as I did. The Plaza de Mina is nothing short of magical. When I think of it I can almost hear the Spanish guitar, almost taste the wine and almost feel with warm summer breeze... Magic, indeed.

  5. Bentornata, Sharon! Glad you had a great time in “my part of the world”…

    About Deep Purple I think there’s a less philosophical reason behind the name… :)

    The first was Roundabout – so called because the members would get on and off the band, like a musical roundabout. Later Blackmore suggested the name Deep Purple because of his grandmother’s favourite song by Nino Tempo and April Stevens - which had the same name.
    How do I know? I’ve read “The complete history of Music” when I was fifteen – plus I used to listen to my father’s vinyl discs (so beautifully old fashioned!) which made me love Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and all the great bands on Earth.

    I haven’t a place which makes my heart beat faster at the moment (ok, I’m in love with my hometown but couldn’t be otherwise) and suppose because I’m still too young to say that I’ve seen half of the world and decide among the numerous places.
    Depressing? I don’t think so… it’s wonderful waiting for this – means that the best still have to come.

  6. How lovely, Michela - to think you've got it all in front of you.....