Friday, 11 February 2011


I know this is over-the-top. And I know that a piece of something which looks like glass (but which is actually a pink sapphire, crafted into a corny shape) - would cost a King's ransom to buy.
But it's pretty.
And I'm feeling positively high because the blocky bit I'd reached in my book has now been passed.
Which, as well as being a rousing call to celebration - also happens to be a book by Evelyn Waugh, one of my all-time favourite authors.
His Handful Of Dust is perfect.
Anyone else like him?


  1. I've read "Handful of Dust" and I agree - it's excellent.

    I've never read "Put Out More Flags", however. It's just been added to my list of books to be read. Thanks for the suggestion, Sharon.

    Congratulations on the progress in your latest book! How about a few details...?

  2. Ah, Evelyn Waugh, a Bright Young Thing as I recall? Hanging out with the Mitfords. Doing all sorts of fabulously naughty things. I'd love to have been around then. As long as I was rich!

    Glad you're cruising along with the book now, Sharon!

  3. I wouldn't exactly say "cruising", Rachel - more that I've just negotiated a potentially dangerous ice-berg!

    Details, Dan? Delighted!

    Sheikh hero Tariq (the playboy brother of King in previous book, called MONARCH OF THE SANDS) is injured in a car crash and needs to recuperate at the country cottage of his frumpy secretary, Isobel.
    He's the LAST kind of man she would ever fall for - and he feels exactly the same way about her.....are you getting the idea?!

  4. I'm definitely getting the idea. Sounds intriguing!

  5. Waugh's Scoop still stands, in my view at least, as the funniest and yet most insightful book on the nuttiness of the newspaper world.
    Virtually every line's a perfectly crafted cracker.


    ps and the inspired cover design broke new ground in 1938 too - see link above