Sunday, 20 February 2011


The new grey background which I'd applied to my blog (and which I thought looked all moody, artistic and evocative), caused me to receive a concerned text from a friend, asking if I was feeling down!
So, here's something very bright and cheerful to assure her I'm not.
Actually, there's lots to be cheerful about. The days are getting warmer and longer and the birds are tweeting (surely tweeting should be left to the birds....)

I've had a lovely weekend. Visited pretty Southsea (Peter Sellers was born there and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle practised as a doctor in the town) and a pub which was adorned with flower-splashed William Morris wallpaper. Then I ate the most delicious curry.

Apart from that, I've been wrestling with my latest hero and reading a second book by my flavour-of-the-month author: Kazuo Ishiguro.

How about your weekend - and was I wise to lose the moody grey?


  1. My weekend? Well, it is possible to have a little TOO much brightness. The mercury hit 38C here on Saturday, so I spent much of the time bunkered down,out of the sun trying to keep cool!

    I have an Aunt who lives in and loves Southsea (although she's presently en route to Bangkok having had to bunker down herself in Darwin from the ravages of 'Cyclone Carlos'over the last week). She was telling me the other day how there's a growing trend for Southsea residents in the streets of Victorian terraces to paint their homes' facades bright colours! Which reminded me of Cliftonwood back in Bristol which seems to have kicked-off the urban brightening! (Click on my name above for a photo...)

    I wonder if anyone else here has a 'non grey' house?!


  2. Nice photo, Jack!

    Your aunt is lucky - Southsea has a great vibe. And of course, the sea always adds an extra dimension....

  3. I lived in Southsea in my wild youth, Sharon! In the days when Oasis were unknown and playing the Wedgewood Rooms for a fiver.
    I must have visited every single pub there too, Now I'm wondering where you had your curry ...

  4. I THINK it might imaginatively have been called The Taj Mahal, Rachel!

    (And I didn't know that Oasis used to play at the Wedgewood Rooms). I saw Curtis Mayfield there, a couple of years ago. Great venue.

  5. I've never been to Southsea, but I love the explosion of color in the picture that you posted, Sharon.

    It makes the anticipation of Spring even stronger.

  6. My weekend was very good but now I'm in Napoli, at home, because I'm ill - am going to stay here for six days... I'm attending the military school in the most cold city of Italy where snow is still falling.

    I like the new skin of the blog! Haven't had too much time to be here as before, sadly.

    Great news: on April 8th there will be my solemn oath as a military for the State... I'm so excited! Surely, that day, the rifle I'm using during the march will seem light as a feather... x

  7. Michela, you HAVE to post us a photo so we can see you in your moment of glory .

    I don't know how Jack manages regularly to post photos attached to a link on this blog - but perhaps he would care to share his secret?

  8. Surely I will, Sharon! The historical uniform for the oath is wonderful! ;)

  9. Congratulations, Michela! I look forward to the photo, also.