Monday, 25 July 2011


It's 2pm and I'm still wearing last night's make-up and the jeans I threw on first this morning.
Is this sloth, I hear you ask yourself?
Well partly, yes - but in main because the proofs I started correcting seemed to take for-evah! And last week I was slaving away doing revisions for THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING, which will be out early in 2012.

So much of this job takes place in the imagination that I sometimes have to remind myself that it does have a glamorous, real-life side to it.
And to help relive a bit of the glamour - here's a photo taken earlier this month outside the New York Plaza with three amazing fellow Harlequin authors.

On my left is Caitlin Crews - who grew up in New York and now lives in LA. Next to her is Carol Marinelli, originally from England but who now lives in Oz. And on the right is the irrepressible Abby Green, who hails from Dublin. All of them funny, irreverent and supremely talented. A cosmopolitan little bunch, aren't we?

The setting was wonderful - but mainly it was the opportunity to get together with my fellow authors which was so life-affirming. A real perk of a job which by nature is very isolated.
So what would you consider to be a perk of your job?


  1. Cosmopolitan indeed, Sharon. If the smiles on you and your lovely colleagues are any indication, it looks like you're all having the time of your lives.

    Hmm. I think the best perk of my job is that I can do it from home. The only down-side to it is managing distractions - the neighbors know I'm home and it's too easy to accept an invitation to lunch or for a walk. They don't have to watch the clock but I still do.

  2. Ummm life as an EHO is quite a negative job really - people moaning about all sorts of things - and we are often the piggies in the middle. But there are perks, - the fun we have in the office between the demands of the phone and blocked drains! Oh and we all have a macarbe sense of humour which helps of course. Caroline x p.s in my "dream" job of course I would be writing in my office in nothing but my jimjams and fluffy slippers, the dogs asleep beside me and the lovely DH feeding me chocci biccis with my 50th cup of tea that morning!

  3. Yay.. A new book!!!

    THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING - what is this book about???

  4. Fab pic Sharon, it's almost all of my fave authors in one pic :)

    I cant think of many perks of my job (i'm in insurance claims) except I do have a carpark and I do know how to make a claim? Boring LOL Looking forward to the next book

  5. Hello, Anonymous - and nice to hear from you (tell me your name next time, so I don't have to call you by such a....well, such an anonymous name!)

    THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING is the story of Tariq ("the Playboy Prince") and the understated Izzy who has worked for him for ages and is probably the only woman on the planet who fails to swoon at his abundance of sex-appeal and charisma. That is, until she sees him lying stricken on a hospital bed and something inside her changes forever....

  6. TashNz - lovely to hear from you. Having a car-park and knowing how to make a claim sounds good to me - especially since I'm one of those people who end up writing A. N. Other on a form before I realise that's only the example given to instruct stoopid people how NOT to make a mistake!

    Seems you have excellent taste in authors! So do you live in NZ?