Tuesday, 5 July 2011


My first morning in New York was spent in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with other Harlequin Presents authors and our lovely editors.
(Note the misty skyscrapers in the background).

This private tour was organised by the lovely Kate Hewitt and the museum was brought to life by her sister-in-law, Anne - an art historian who magically managed to convey the sheer, impressive scale of the collection. Somehow, she made it seem both accessible and cosy - and not in the least bit daunting.

Here I am, standing in front of an exquisite pastoral stained-glass window.

We gazed in awe at the fabulous but slightly scary work of Alexander McQueen - in an exhibition appropriately titled SAVAGE BEAUTY.
In among the carefully-crafted garments you could find glitter galore and the flutter of feathers - as well as the occasional quirky accessory such as epaulets made from alligator heads!
Afterwards, we went to Kate's apartment which is just off 5th Avenue and which made me feel like I was peeling away the outer skin of the city to take a closer look inside.

I love New York.
Do you?


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I have to agree with you I too love New York. There's nothing like it - a true melting pot of every culture you could think of nicely wrapped in a pretty bow! I'm glad you loved my city, Diane

  2. i have heard about new york hope fully i would know more about it from you and american culture and your thought if you want to know about chhattisgarh, india then write to me.

  3. Although I'm from Chicago, I must admit that I also love New York. (There's always been a simmering tension between New Yorkers and Chicagoans...) Interesting people, top-notch cuisine, excellent museums and galleries - and we haven't even begun to discuss New York's Theatre scene... What isn't there to love?

    I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself, Sharon. It sounds as if you truly had an excellent time.

    Very soon I'm heading to western Maine to spend a couple of weeks with 2 of my closest childhood friends... I'm very much looking forward to it.