Saturday, 9 July 2011


We Presents authors enjoyed the most sumptuous tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York, courtesy of the lovely Jane Porter.
This was a huge thrill for me - not just because the food was so sublime or the decor so amazing - but because one of my favourite films was set here. (And Home Alone 2 is still a must-see for me every Christmas!)
Here I am pictured with Caitlin Crews (centre) and Jane.

And this is me in the same hotel two days later, when I blagged my way in to use the wood-panelled washrooms and couldn't resist reclining on this completely OTT leopard-skin covered sofa..... Thanks to Sarah Morgan for taking this photo, even though she was fearful we were going to be turfed out any second!

Have you been anywhere sumptuous recently?


  1. Indeed we did, Sarah! And lived like our heroines live....

  2. So glad you had a great time! The place is wonderful...
    Last week I was at the "Mimì" lounge bar with my friends and I had great fun.
    The atmosphere was cosy, surrounded by candle lights and by the scent of my second favourite flower, the Oleander. All was violet and white...

    In occasion of my friend's birthday I sang my big number (a special song to me) and everyone enjoyed it.
    Unfortunately there wasn't Patrick Wilson to duet with me there...!

    Here it is: