Sunday, 7 February 2010


I'm off to CORNWALL the house with the amazing view of the ocean and sound of the nearby swish of the waves. Last time I was there, I used the atmosphere and the cawing of the seagulls in a book I was writing - the manuscript I'm taking this time is set on some (unnamed) brooding northern moor-like destination. So no salt-water mingling with tears on the heroine's cheeks! But both places have that certain sense of wildness and isolation - which are characteristics of my current hero....

In the meantime - here's a hideous but compelling sculpture which I discovered with Celia and Patrick when we were in Avignon last November. It's very scary, isn't it?

What do you think his name is?


  1. Conan the Arach-Droid?

    (Looks to me like a very aggressive male robot spider...)

  2. Wow, it's really scary!
    It gives the idea of a threatening cobra with wacky arms resting - and little eyes scanning you carefully!
    Ok, let's stop reading Stephen King's works!

    It also make you feel like you're thrown into a Kafka's tale without knowing what's going on - when everybody around you knows!

    However in its hideousness there's something endearing...

    Have a good time in Cornwall, carissima!


  3. E Linton - Australia7 February 2010 at 11:47

    Sharon - for some brooding, windswept moorland inspiration you must stop off on Dartmoor or better still Bodmin (think Du Maurier and Jamaica Inn) on the way down to the house.

    As for the sculpture - for some reason it brings to mind Victoria Beckham's daily sit-ups routine ...


  4. "Vlad The Impaler" springs to mind! All those spikes. Yikes you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley would you?. Have a great time in Cornwall. (Hope it doesn't rain so much this time!) Caroline x

  5. I walk past that particular brute every time I go to football training!

    Michela thanks so much for your advice re Napoli, I've been dying (excuse the pun) to go for years!

  6. Patrick - you're welcome.
    I'm really glad that you're going to visit my hometown and hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

    I've been dying (!) to go to London too for years and I strongly intend to do it one day!

  7. Mmmm, a double plus hideous sculpture indeed!

    I felt this was a job for the daughter(aged almost eleven and MOST particular) Her verdict is that he's definitely a 'Steve'.

    Stay snug down there in Cornwall!



  8. Dear Sharon. I can't help but notice your travels seem to take you mostly to the south of England. Why not visit Scotland for a change? There are plenty of romantics up here - just think of Rabbie Burnes - and all those kilts which set the lassies' hearts racing! There's a warm welcome north of the border for you. Though I hope you enjoy your visit to Cornwall! Yours, Joan