Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Valentine's Day is traditionally the hardest-working day of the year for romantic novelists and when we're not busy relieving the postman of his bulging sack of admiring mail or running round the house frantically looking for yet more vases - we usually have to deal with a variety of press calls.

This year I did an interview with the GUARDIAN  - with a very engaging and perceptive journalist named Alison Flood.  There are some journalists with whom it's a pleasure to chat and she's one of them.

Next up (as they say - though usually on American sitcoms) was a review of the Sunday morning papers on BBC RADIO Solent.  Quite why I agreed to do this after only five hours sleep on Saturday night is anyone's guess - but I love radio stations and their strangely silent and surreal air.  Apart from muddling up the names of two rugby players - I think I did okay.  (Yes, I was talking about rugby in an attempt to break the stereotype of romantic novelists and because my son was in Rome watching the match - but that will teach me to try and bat out of my league or whatever the equivalent rugby metaphor is!).

The reason for the lack of sleep was a great gig on Saturday night.  My friend Martyn (aka Billy Sincere) plays in a band called Nark Drool And The Shudders and they were performing on the famous rock n' rock site of Eel Pie Island.  
Here they are.  Martyn's the one in the lairy red jacket and the cool shades.

Martyn and I go back a long way.  When he was working as a producer at Granada television, he arranged for me to visit the Coronation Street set - which was an  unbelievably thrilling event for this life-long fan!  (I know; it's sad).  On another occasion, he took my daughter onto the set of a show he was working on (The 8.15 From Manchester) - which was unbelievably thrilling for her.  He has always played a mean guitar and been one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met.  He also married my flatmate, the lovely Amanda (now a wonderful photographer).  And here she is, with me - before we started bobbing to the incredibly infectious music.  So thanks, all you Nark Drools!

When was the last time you danced?


  1. I wonder whether you have a favourit Coronation Street character, Sharon? Mine was Leonard Swindley. He reminded me so much of my brother, Arthur! Let us know yours, please.

  2. Dwayne Brandon, Albuquerque17 February 2010 at 00:39

    Dear Sharon
    What a plesure to find your website + blog! When you are next in New Mexico you must come to our Regency Dancing Society ($3 on the door - but give me a wink and I may be able to slip you in for free). It's the most romantic form of dance imaginable! See information and a photo of our May Ball here:


    Just picture dressing up to dance a cotillion. I bet you throw a mean right-hand moulinet!
    Best wishes

    Dwayne X

  3. Joany, I always warmed to the arch-villian and serial killer, Richard Hillman - but that's probably because it involves Gail and her appallingly chequered love-life!

    Dwayne (what a wonderful name - it sounds like a twang on a guitar string!) - no, I have no plans to visit New Mexico as yet - though there is a romance writers' conference in Nashville this year. Which is, of course - another great music venue.

  4. I'm just back from a wonderful weekend in Courmayeur (snowflakes, postcard landscapes, mountain chalet and chic restaurants which made me dream!) and four days in Venice where I enjoyed the famous Carnival so... yes, I danced very much!
    My costume? Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind. x