Friday, 5 February 2010


Thank you to all those people who came to Winchester Discovery Centre last evening to hear me giving away the "secret" of writing for Mills & Boon. The question and answer session was enjoyably lively (are you allowed to have two adverbs next to one another, I wonder?).
Here I am with one of my fans (actually, it's my friend Fi - who is head of French at our fabulous local sixth-form college, Peter Simmonds).

Thanks also to the lovely Rachel - who brought along a gift of two Cadbury's Creme eggs after I expressed a desire  to eat one on yesterday's blog. And I did. It was delicious. Here's the remaining one.  Let's hear it for Cadbury's!  

Were you there last night? And are you now inspired to write a romance?  Even if you weren't there - I'd love to hear about your writing.

As Virgil said:  Love conquers let us yield to love.


  1. I'm glad to know that it was a wonderful event - I'd loved to be there.
    Cadbury's Creme eggs... mmm.

    About me, writing is my first thought when I wake up, so... I know I HAVE TO WRITE.
    My characters are slowly taking shape so - I'm struggling with them and their reasons.

    Yesterday afternoon I rewatched "Anna Karenina" - where a stunning Sophie Marceau plays Anna wonderfully.
    How I love Russian authors...
    I think I'll read some pages of the book, again.

    Khoroshee vdokhnovenie (Good inspiration!)


  2. Ah, dear lovely Sharon,

    It was a wonderful, wonderful evening and left me feeling utterly inspired and uplifted. Much risque discussion in the pub afterwards too!

    I now realise that my current hero needs just a little slap on the back of the legs for even THINKING about abandoning my heroine for a week due to his UN commitments. Gah!

    Can you do this every month? I Feel like a new woman.

    Now get on and eat the other Creme egg!

    Lots of love,


  3. I see the evening was a great success, judging from these comments. I'm not sure about the adverbs but I will tell you that it's spelt "Peter Symonds"!

    Ps Michela I'm going to Naples in a couple of weeks, anywhere you can recommend?

  4. Oh, no! Thank you, Patrick (not!).

    I suppose I should go back and edit it but there is a blogging tradition which means you're supposed to leave things unchanged and so I must live with my lazy decision not to check a spelling!

  5. Patrick, there are many places I would recommend - these are the most important ones.

    The famous seafront in Via Caracciolo or else Mergellina where you can enjoy a stunning view of the entire Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvio.
    All around you can also see very good restaurants where famous people use to have lunch or dinner and you can eat the best typical dishes.

    Going straight in Via Posillipo there's a wonderful park with an amazing view of Napoli and the islands of Capri and Ischia.

    Piazza del Plebiscito is our famous square - where you can enjoy concerts, performances and many other things.
    In the same place there's Palazzo Reale (The Royal Palace), one of the four residences used by the Bourbon kings of Naples during their rule of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies - and La Basilica di San Francesco di Paola.

    Always in Piazza del Plebiscito, in Via Trieste e Trento, there's the famous Teatro San Carlo (The Real Teatro San Carlo), an opera house founded by the Bourbon Charles VII of Naples - now completely restored.
    It is said that kings used to enter the theatre by underground passages!

    Naples is also famous for its manors as Villa Pignatelli and La Floridiana. (Zone: Vomero).

    If you like medieval castles you HAVE to visit Castel dell'Ovo (in english: Egg Castle) - the castle's name comes from a medieval legend which tells that the poet Virgil, who developed a medieval reputation as a great sorcerer, put a magical egg in the foundations to support them; another famous castle is "Maschio Angioino" which dominate the spectacular Piazza Municipio.

    Via San Gregorio Armeno is the most famous street of the historical centre, popular for its craftmade shops of Christmas cribs.
    On Christmas it's very suggestive but there's a magic atmosphere all days.

    These are surely the most important places you can't miss!

  6. Dear Sharon
    A huge thanks from all at the Discovery Centre for a fabulous evening of book related banter and for your generosity in sharing M&B writing secrets - really appreciated by the audience. I'd echo what I said last night - your blog is a supreme example of a writer keeping in touch with her readers. Thanks so much.

  7. Dear Sharon
    You were brilliant - entertaining and compelling. I am so glad that joined in the event. Had a good time at the pub afterwards too. See you soon

  8. My dear Sharon,

    Thank you for a lovely evening Thursday night. I feel so inspired now and yesterday I started on my Supernatural story with a spice of romance in it! As Rach said, we both had a very good discussion in the pub, good job not too busy.

    It was lovely to meet you and I hope you have many more local events like this as I am sure people will keep being inspired by you.

    Thank you and so looking forward to meeting you again and the freedom of being out.