Thursday, 4 February 2010


Yesterday, I was at the uber-buzzy Caprice for lunch with an urbane diarist from one of our national dailies and a famous spin-doctor who always makes me laugh.  He's a sometime food-writer and this is his favourite restaurant.  Easy to understand why.  The monochromed interior is pleasingly sleek and the walls are hung with stunning black and white portraits.   Images include a young, grinning Mick Jagger and a laconic Michael Caine (with fag dangling from lips) and reminded me what a genius portraitist David Bailey is.  

There was plenty of food for thought in the room - and lots to inspire any kind of writer.  The scent of money, the whiff of power and no-expense-spared dressing.  Thick clusters of diamonds dripping  from the bony fingers of ladies-who-lunch defined perfectly the term "knuckle-duster". 
It was impossible not to star-spot.  Viscount Linley and his father, Lord Snowdon were sitting on the next table (wait until I tell my Auntie Eileen!).  In 1960, Snowdon married the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, who made a STUNNING BRIDE 

After squid tempora, I ate sea-bass (wrapped in a banana leaf) and then slivered golden mango with lemon sorbet.  Delicious.  And in the evening saw a disturbingly brilliant film called UN PROPHETE.  I thought that my French was getting worse instead of better - until I realised they were speaking Corsican!

Meals can be memorable for all kinds of reasons - hot chips eaten with icy fingers on a rain-lashed pier can taste ambrosial.
Eaten any memorable meals recently?


  1. Remember the dramitic mountains that rose up around the restaurant we had lunch at during your course in Tuscany? The food was fantastic, that was fish wrapped in chestnut leaves.
    No stars to spot there, just wonderful views and donkeys!

  2. O tempora! O mores! What a classical solecism!
    I think you mean prawn tempura, surely?
    I loved your description of this wonderful restaurant, Sharon. How lucky you are in your friends and contacts?
    PS was it Max Clifford by any chance?

  3. Last year I was on holiday in a mountain chalet and I had dinner at the local restaurant, very suggestive, with snow falling outside the window.
    The chef waited on various starters and one of them seemed so delicious - little pieces of meat seasoned with oil, lemon and leaves of arugula.

    “What is it?” I asked.
    The chef winked and said: “Try it, you’ll like it!” I didn’t know if I could trust that smile but I did.
    I’m pretty adventurous about food and I like trying everything new.
    “Delicious! What was it?” I asked again.
    “Cow’s tongue” he said smiling.
    I thought that it was in my stomach and that it was too late to go back – so I returned his smile and said:
    “There a first time for everything!”

    Now, it’s really curious that we consider a meal disgusting if we only hear about it and when we taste it we like it so much.
    Anyway, I’ll ask before eating next time! Only Indiana Jones tried everything without asking!
    Memorable food really, I’d advice it. xx

  4. Oh Sharon, how utterly glamorous and wonderful!

    Not recent, but memorable, eating hot pasties sheltering against a wall in a howling storm in Lyme Regis. It was an illicit, stolen weekend and the start of something big...there are four of us now!


  5. How unbelievable glam your life is Sharon. Love the look and sound of the restaurant but doubt I'll ever make it there. The kids and husband like Mcdonalds - what more can I say! Life in deepest, dankest Kent is not glam. Spent most of yesterday taking daughter to dentist, a college interview (she was accepted on a foundation art course, pre uni next year)and shopping in New Look (for her, not me - can't squeeze my little fat bod into a weeny size 6!)
    I love hearing about your adventures,
    Best wishes, Chantelle

  6. Lucky ole you, Sharon. A charmed life!! XX

  7. So not the sort of place frequented by disgraced England captains then...?

  8. No sign of him yesterday, Patch...

  9. wow Sharon, what a splendid experience, interested in the image of Mick: cant always get what you want? or could this be the 19th Nervous breakdown experience not to mention 'standing in the shadows'/ speak soon , love the blog; Ella