Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Il pleut.
Il pleut beaucoup.
Never mind - it's what makes the flowers grow and the skin glow.
I've just finished a book and so have been out seeking inspiration for the next one...

Saw Michelangelo's Dream which was utterly sublime.
Went to see the new Alice In Wonderland, which was so atrociously bad that I walked out after half an hour. What was the matter with Johnny Depp's accent? Now I'm wondering whether 3D isn't just an excuse to fob the public off with bad acting and too much noise.
And the flip-side of intrusive noise is the music of Schumann and Beethoven which I heard during a fantastic concert at London's Wigmore Hall on Sunday morning.

Oh, and I have a book which is just coming out in north America - and here's a detail from the cover. He's a Prince and she's a chambermaid....
What have you done recently which has inspired you - and do you like films in 3D?


  1. How's this for inspiration, Sharon?


    I'm thinking Miguel here would make a most suitable Spanish Boss actually.

    As for 3D films, I've never been able to bring myself to wear those stupid glasses. So the children have to slum it with 2D. It's usually cheaper too.

    Bah humbug I know.

    Lots of love,


  2. Oh dear, I'm not sure that link works!

    It's Miguel Iglesias stripping off in a Puma ad. White pants, that sort of thing.

    Rach (getting her coat now...)

  3. Looks like something's put fire in the chambermaid's belly!

    Although I don't think it's quite on this scale of oddness:


  4. Well as you know I got married recently (photo's on my blogsite (shameless plug I know)) which is always good for the muse/inspiration. This week I've churned out a short story love story for some reason - a detour for me as I normally write books! Take care. Caroline x

  5. Just seen the photos, Caroline - gorgeous colour pink you wore (of course!) and completely MAGNIFICENT flowers!

  6. "Anonymous" (how tantalising.....who are you?) - what a weird website, the auraphoto one. How on earth did you find it?

  7. Well given these uncertain economic times, I was searching around for a new investment opportunity and the 'WinAura' system with its range of truly innovative aura imaging equipment lept out at me - with a bit of a glow!

    I'm pretty much convinced that it's a safe place for my money after seeing this video demonstration of 'Guy Sending Energy':


    What do you think?

    Warren x

  8. Dear Sharon. I was inspired by the site of some goats frolicking in the heather in my native Arboath. There's nothing more refereshing than nature in action. Do you have any of these fine animals near you in Winchester? Yours, Arthur

  9. I found inspiration today in something as simple as a walk. After a long, bleak Winter here in Chicago, the weather has been absolutely glorious for the past couple of days. I'm lucky to live near a forest preserve, so I took to the foot paths and witnessed the beginnings of Spring. A neighbor's magnolia is just beginning to bloom and just the sight and smell of it was inspirational. The snow shovels are stowed away and I am ready. Spring is here.

  10. How lovely that sounds, Dan - especially as I never associate Chicago with the famous "tulip tree". Thanks for the different perspective. I once heard that a magnolia tree doesn't bloom for seven years - is there any truth in that?

    (Have just looked up magnolia to find that 'evidence suggests they're the most primitive flowering plants still living on Earth'). Fancy that!

  11. Sharon, my knowledge of all things horticultural could fit in a very small thimble. I'm lucky to have a neighbor with a green thumb - I reap the benefits every Spring. It blooms these lovely white flowers every year around this time. Their fragrance is intoxicating. I've always associated the Magnolia with the southern United States, myself; Chicago is definitely in a different temperate zone. I'm guessing that this tree is a hybrid of some sort, I would have to ask her. She has shown me infinite tolerance over the years as I struggle every summer just to keep my lawn green.

  12. Inspiration? Well, I'm just back from a research trip to Venezia. I'm inspired. (But I have to write another book first, sigh.)

    3D films - absolutely. We saw "Up" and "Ice Age 3" and they were both very good. Didn't see Avatar, however, as littlest isn't keen on scifi (except Dr Who); but thanks for the warning re AIW as that was on our Easter hols list.