Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Surrounded by a sea of flowers....
And surrounded by sea....
Yes, I'm in glorious Cornwall, where I've been running along the cliff-top, eating scones with cream and jam (the second activity making the first activity absolutely
vital!) and eating the most delicious food at The Seafood Restaurant where I fell in love with the amazing art-work which adorned the walls there.

And this is currently the view from my window.
(Funnily enough, I don't seem to have done very much writing this morning.....!)

So won't you look out of your window now - and tell me what it is you see?


  1. Sharon – I see that Paris, Umbria and Cornwall are in your top list! Your next MUST is Napoli – I think you have seen several towns in Italia, haven’t you? But not Napoli… bad! :)

    Anyway – I can’t see the sea from my window (I always have it in my mind…) but I’m delighted by the sun, the spring breeze and various lemon trees which emanate a fresh and tantalizing scent…

    I had the occasion to enjoy the sea during a party last Sunday… I may show you my dress if you want!

  2. Yes, please show me the dress, Michela - you may just find one of my heroines wearing it!

  3. Ah, Sharon, just dripping wet leaves out of mine I'm afraid. With the delightful sound of bickering children in the background...

    If things haven't changed that much in Padstow, the fish market just opposite your restaurant sells fresh samphire. Not easy to get hold of generally but amazingly good stuff! Did Rick dish any up?

    Lots of love,


  4. Yes, indeed he did, Rachel - in a delicious (local) brown shrimp and samphire risotto which one of my friends had as a starter!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Sharon. The seascape - and sea of flowers - are stunning. I wouldn't be getting much work done either...

    Looking out my window, I see a slate-grey sky. We had torrential rains yesterday and the fog was so thick this moring it obscured any view at all. I spent all day Sunday in the front garden and planted a newly acquired Japanese Red Maple tree. A day later, I was looking out at the deluge of rain wondering if it would get washed away. From my view behind my desk I see the muted colors of my neighbor's gardens..even the lush green of the old-growth oaks seems subdued. Today's view wont be a distraction...

  6. Gorgeous - not surprised you're distracted!

    What's my view this morning? Back garden from the kitchen. It's been an interesting week for visitors to the bird table: chaffinches, squirrel, jays and greater-spotted woodpecker, as well as the usual host of blackbirds, collared doves and wood pigeons.

    Oh, and when they're not around, there's usually a spaniel romping around, nosing under the shrubs to see if there's anything interesting.

    PS - rather appropriately, my wordver is conchi - almost conchiglia :o)

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Your photo's of cornwall look amazing. I fell in love with Cornwall when my family and I visited a little town called Fowey. We stayed in Fowey Hall overlooking the estuary. I could see why the legendary Kenneth Grahame was inspired to write Wind in the Willows. A truly inspirational experience. Alot of Fowey lies within the pages of my book I am writing.
    Out of my window: Unfortunately I can't see the sea, but the sun is shining, the sky is the palest blue with trailing wispy clouds. On sunny days I find the skies mesmerising. I was always told my head is up in the clouds. I think they may be right. But what a lovely place to be.
    Love Diana (Marks Sister) x

  8. Hello, Diana - do you know that The Wind In The Willows is one of my favourite books of all time (especially the chapter called Piper At The Gates Of Dawn) - but I never knew that he was inspired by Fowey. Which means that I must definitely go and visit next time I'm in Cornwall!

    Good luck with the writing - and let me know how you get on. X

  9. Sharon, I adore Cornwall. Have been there many times. The view from my (high)study window is my neighbours roof! Not in the least inspiring but it does stop me from looking out instead of getting on with my writing.