Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Yesterday, I went to see a film all about the life of Glenn Gould - an inspirational pianist whose playing of Bach made people listen in awe and wonder. Philistine that I am, I'd never even heard of him, but I'm now going to download his playing of the Goldberg Variations and lose myself in his amazing talent.

Canadian Glenn was a bit of a maverick. Taciturn and moody, he gave his last professional concert in 1964 at the age of 31 - because he hated performing.
He was also enigmatic and good-looking enough to make perfect hero fodder - as this famous image from Life magazine shows.

I've forgotten how to download the Youtube link (I must ask the nice man at the Apple shop) - but go and listen to his music if you don't already know it.
Or do you?


  1. After reading about Glenn Gould's life and accompliments I find myself intrigued. It seems we lost a very talented musician at much too young of an age. (I had never heard of him either, Sharon.)

    What was the name of the film?

    Here's a link to Mr. Gould's Goldberg Variations on youtube:

  2. It's called THE INNER LIFE OF GLENN GOULD - and it's definitely worth watching, Dan.

  3. The Life magazine photo archive is an amazing resource - plenty there to help spark the creative imagination.

    I've put a link in above to its 'The Kisses We Remember' category

    The shot 'Before He Leaves' is fascinating for the potential stories it triggers...

  4. Great link, Jack - thanks.
    If anyone's not sure how to get it - click onto Jack's name and the images will appear.

    Inspiring material for romance writers!

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