Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I rushing to meet my deadline and trying (but failing!) to tame my latest hero. His name is Sheikh Hassan Al Abbas and he'll be appearing in a brand-new continuity series which will be coming soon.

I've also penned a short story for Woman's Own - which is an offshoot of my take on Jane Eyre, THE FORBIDDEN INNOCENT. It was great fun to take a minor character from a full-length novel and to give them their own story. I'll let you know when it's coming out.

Meanwhile, I'm counting down the days until I go to New York to the extravaganza of a conference which is thrown annually at the Romance Writers of America. I've just been invited by my publishers to a amazingly fancy party where the dress code is black or white. And the dress I'd been planning to wear is the colour of a smudged rainbow. Oh, the dilemma!

And to those of you who wanted to know when my next Tuscan writing course will be - it's been confirmed as 5th- 12th May, 2012 at the Watermill. So why not get booking?

Here's a picture of me with with some of the students from this year's course. In the background are the lush, verdant mountains you'll find in this picturesque region of the Massa Carrara which is where the Watermill is tucked away.

Tempted? You should be.....

So that's me and my life.
Will you please provide me with inspiration and tell me what's happening in yours?


  1. Busy indeed, Sharon!

    I'm trying to cope with the heat wave right now. We may break 100 degrees (F) today.

    This past weekend, I attended one of those parties where everything just seems to click. The weather, the guests, the music, the food....and the drink, just seemed to combine into what was a beautiful, magical night under the stars. I had an incredible time.

    This weekend I'm off to visit an old friend who lives in Southern California. I haven't been there in a while and I'm looking forward to the trip.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    So you will be coming across the pond to my state (of mind). I might be going to the book signing on Tuesday night. Welcome! Diane

  3. Party sounds great, Dan....a magical night under the stars. I may use that!
    And please report back about Southern California.

    Hey, Diane - me, too. Will you come over and say hello? Makes the world seem smaller to see a friendly face (though everyone tells me that all Noo Yorkers are friendly!).

  4. Super, super tempted on Tuscany Sharon. I still wish we were all back there it was such a great week. And can't wait to meet the Sheikh.. I LOVE continuity series. I have to buy them all! Re: the dress.. well that's just an excuse to buy a slinky black number no? :)

  5. Like Jen, I can't wait to meet your Sheikh. I'm sure he'll be brilliant - tamed or not!
    I'd love to go to Tuscany again, it's such a wonderful place and anyone who does go will be in for a fabulous time.
    I can just see you in your smudged rainbow dress, but I'm sure you'll look great in a black one too.
    Have a great time in New York.

  6. Ooh, Jen and Rachael - you are such BAD influences....but yes, I suppose I shall have to try and find something black.
    I do hate conforming, though!

  7. Now I was picturing you in something white and slinky to contrast the titian highlights in your hair, cara! Leave it up to your heroine to tame her sheikh. If he is anything like Malik in "The Desert King's Virgin Bride" he will be divine. Enjoy New York you lucky girl. Try and catch Diana Gabaldon (my OTHER fave romantic fiction author) she is speaking at the conference. Am still coming down off the high that was Sharon Kendrick's 2010 Writers course at the Watermill. Be very tempted people - it was an amazing week. Lesa D.

  8. Aw, thanks for that, Lesa - I loved Malik, too. And what are you doing posting such readable comments on blogs when you should be WRITING YOUR BOOK?!

  9. A wonderful experience, Sharon.
    I'm happy to see that you have a constant "date" with Italy every year!

    About me, don't know how much a military life can be a source of inspiration for a civilian but - however - I can say that, professionally and humanly, I'm very satisfied by my life.
    I wake up every morning and I'm proud to wear our famous uniform, the one that fights financial illegality.
    I wake up every morning and I'm happy to see my colleagues, my new family, because we are together 18 hours a day.
    I love laughing with them, going out with them, going to parties, dinners in sophisticated restaurants where everyone recognizes us and feel respect for what we do.
    I'm becoming more and more good at formal training (march, etc.) and I always reach the maximum score at the shooting range.
    On September I'd like to start a karate course.

    Plus, two important events are going to change my life in few days:

    June 18th - we'll get our first rank (financier) and there'll be a ceremony with our parents where another officer will put the so-called "flames" (the symbol of the Force) on our shirt collars. A solemn event.

    June 23th - I'll take part to the Official Feast of the Force. I'm really honoured since the students of the 1st year are seldom called to take part to it. I'll wear a new uniform and I'll "shine" under the sun of a great ceremony located here:


    What can I say more? At my age, it's pretty awesome.

    P.S. Italian version of KAT'S PRIDE is on my desk!

  10. Michela - your military life sounds richly rewarding and very EXCITING! And what an honour to be chosen for the Feast of the Force. (Do you have a real feast and if so, what is it?).

    Hope you enjoy KAT'S PRIDE... a Spanish hero, this time.

  11. Yes, Sharon - it's a real feast where also the President of Italy will take part to it.
    Every Armed Force has its feast and there are great celebrations.
    We also have our patron, St. Matthew.
    Here you can see how the feast will be:


    Nec Recisa Recedit (our motto, it's Latin and means: Not Even Broken Retreats)

    P.S. A Spanish hero... can't wait! x