Saturday, 25 June 2011


Here's a sneak preview of a book which is out in the UK in September, entitled MONARCH OF THE SANDS. (Do you like the title?)

I've been working like crazy on my latest manuscript, trying to revise it before I go off to the RWA conference, which is being held in a city which seems to get an enthusiastic response whenever I mention it.
Yes, it's New York. I'll be staying on Times Square and collecting an award from Harlequin for having published 75 books. It all feels a bit unreal....

Sooo, I've only ever been to this vibrant town once before - and that was years ago. Do you know it - and do you have any secret or exciting places to share?


  1. Sharon, I'm sure you'll have an excellent time in New York. I try to get there once a year to visit a friend who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When I was there last year we had an incredible meal at "Locanda Verde". It's an Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Hotel. It's a vibrant blend of trendy and rustic and is located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan on Greenwich Street. (The hotel is owned by the actor, Robert DeNiro.)

    There's another place that I always visit when I'm in Manhattan... I'm a collector of vintage fountain pens and whenever I want to see some incredible examples - and browse a bit - I go to The Fountain Pen Hospital. It's a strange name for an incredible source of new and vintage writing instruments and it's located on Warren Street, just down the block from New York's City Hall. Also: Don't miss The Strand Book Store at 12th and Broadway.

  2. And sincere congratulations on your award from Harlequin. 75 books is truly an awesome achievement, Sharon. Be proud! And have a great time in The Big Apple: The City That Never Sleeps.

  3. Thanks, Dan - have heard of Locanda Verde and it sounds great. He's one of my favourite actors....

    As for a Fountain Pen Hospital - who'd have thought that such a place existed? I can see that six days are going to be woefully inadequate!

  4. I am excited about the new book! What's it about??

  5. The new book is part of a continuity series about a wild family called the Jacksons - the kind of family that everyone loves to hate.

    My heroine is called Ella Jackson and she comes up against a lot of prejudice from Hashid, my sizzling Sheikh hero. Unfortunately, she also discovers that she finds him devastatingly attractive....