Sunday, 5 June 2011


Listening to this has made me want to rush out and see the film again (which gives a very interesting version of the eternal triangle).
Or to write another Russian hero......
So for Michela and all fans of this haunting melody, I give you:

Does the music "do" it for you - and is the film among your top five?


  1. Aw...wonderful.
    No other term suits better than this for such great masterpiece.
    The book is simply amazing - but I have to say that I'm biased here since I love all Russian literature.
    David Lean's movie is perfect from the beginning with that beautiful soundtrack 'till the last scene. It's definitely among my top five.
    I love the scenography, the dialogues, the acting is perfect.
    Curious how Omar Sharif who's Arabian can play the role of a Russian man so well.
    He often said that they had to shave his hair on a side because it was curly and it didn't make him very Russian!
    My favourite scenes are: the first time Jurij sees Lara after he saves her mother from committing suicide; when Jurij recognizes Lara at the party before she tries to kill Komarovsky and - the heartbreakingly one - when they work together for months when she's his nurse and they say goodbye... she doesn't look at him because she can't stand his glance. Perfect.
    I'm particularly close to this movie because it makes me remember when we used to read the passages of the book at University, who felt sorrow for Lara, hate for Komarovsky, pity and surprise for Pasha... the long debates.
    A great time.
    Only two years ago I discovered a book that's quite close to this for similar beauty and great narrative strenght. I've only read it 8 times!
    It's called "The Bronze Horseman" by Paullina Simons and it will be made into a movie soon!
    It's about a love story between an American soldier (of the Red Army) who pretends to be Russian because...I can't tell you! :) and a Russian girl. I'm sure you would love it.
    Here's a fan made trailer, the best so far, which resumes the story (the voice you hear at the beginning speaks Russian!)

  2. Michela, someone else was raving about this book - maybe I should give it a go!

  3. Sharon, it's a truly amazing book... There's love, war, jealousy, betrayal, revenge... Enough to be awake all night! Plus, it's impossible not to fall in love with the hero! Hope you'll read it.

  4. Julie Christie is SO beautiful! x