Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Giovanni bit back his irritation, for why should this pale and unknown Englishwoman know anything about the deep, secret place which was his home? The place in love with its own silence, which shaped the impenetrable character of all Sicilians.

For me, the two sentences above perfectly encapsulate what makes Giovanni Calverri such a delicious and challenging hero. He's proud and he's arrogant - so arrogant that he makes Kate want to scream.....or to kiss him.

THE SICILIAN'S PASSION is out in north America right now. So if you want to be taken on the twisting and evocative journey which is Kate and Giovanni's - why not buy it?

There's a magic about Sicily which seems to snare people's hearts.
So where's your own particular heart-snaring place?


  1. Well, I shared my first real kiss while walking around the deserted streets of Vienna in the early hours ... so 'Wien' would have to be up there in my list.


  2. The books sounds wonderful, Sharon.

    Cadiz, on a tiny peninsula on the south coast of Spain is the place that has snared my heart. The city, with its beautiful plazas, old-world charm and friendly people, has captured my heart. I look forward to returning there soon.

  3. I love this book, Sharon! And the hero is so gorgeous!! About the place.... Naples, where else?! Always in my heart wherever I go ... Still waiting for you to write about a Neapolitan hero...

  4. So lovely to hear from you, Michela - and we're all longing to hear about military life!

    As for a Neapolitan hero, well okay - I will start plotting him....

  5. Military life is intense but wonderful... And the feeling of belonging to something is growing stronger everyday more. I'm proud to serve my nation. Today it's National Feast in Italy (Feast of Republic) - and our Police Force, together with other Armed Forces, will be on television. A great event over here.
    About the Neapolitan hero.... I want to know everything when your mind will give birth to him!