Thursday, 3 December 2009


So this was Cornwall. Unlike the cerulean skies and golden dappled paths which featured in my last trip, this time it was all windswept and rainswept - with winds which howled at night like caged beasts. But oh, so atmospheric. Particularly when I looked out of my window first thing - to see apricot-tinged waves sparkling in the early morning light.
Here's a glamour shot while out walking!

And my friend Catriona's unique use of a paper back to help shelter her from the driving rain!

And the cutest little lamb you ever did see. This part of Cornwall has so mild a climate that lambs are always born before Christmas. And this one bleated so sweetly that we all began reciting nursery rhymes and deciding that mint sauce should definitely be banned

What shall we call the little lamb?


  1. Nice title... as the famous song!
    Your description of Cornwall reminded me of those stormy and wild landscapes of Yorkshire described in Wuthering Heights - really unforgettable.
    How cute the little lamb! I'd like to call it "Pancake", because it seems so sweet and soft!
    Sharon, I've just seen that we have the same couple of earrings (looking at the first photo) - mine have golden hearts but they're both very similar!

  2. I can't see my comment... is it strange?

  3. Ok, problem solved. Take care xx

  4. How about "Lambsie" or Shaun the Sheep? Glad you had a good time. Caroline x

  5. Little Lambsie Pancake it is, then!

  6. Maxim in Canberra4 December 2009 at 02:46

    You really should read Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca now that you've experienced the windswept and portentful, true Cornish weather! Nothing more invigorating or evocative than looking out to see from a clifftop during a west country storm...