Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Unlike my mother and all her brothers and sisters who grew up in rural Ireland and used to have to kill their own dinner - goose is not the number one choice of Christmas meal for most people. But I've always liked them. Like my heroes, they're rich, different - and extremely tasty. (And I like to eat food that you can never buy in restaurants).

So here's my post-Yule offering. A delicious bird, dripping with amazing fat which went on to provide the most sublime roast potatoes ever. It was so good that eight of us gobbled the whole thing down in one sitting!

I had a great time - lots of parties, lovely people and presents - how about you?


  1. The goose seems so attractive! I love meat but I've never eaten a goose.
    A duck orange, yes - in a chinese restaurant. Odd? It's clear that I'm not vegetarian and I love ethnic food.
    I had a great time too... eating spaghetti with clams, cod and squids. On Christmas Eve.
    Then a wonderful soup with different vegetables, pieces of chicken and lot of parmesan. On Christmas.
    It's a Neapolitan tradition and I love it, especially when my mom cooks it.
    I played "tombola" (the Neapolitan "bingo"), cards and won several times...
    I sang Christmas songs and danced - and I opened my presents.
    The best among all? The complete first and second seasons of LOST - one of my favourite tv series. xx

  2. I love the sound of the Neapolitan soup, Michela - does it have a name?