Thursday, 24 December 2009


To all the kind people who have asked - my son is on the mend, the black ice on the pavement has melted, trains are running again and my daughter is on one of them, the goose is ready to be cooked and all is at peace with my world. I hope that yours is filled with peace, too. So ignore the culinary demands and the pointless worry about things you haven't done - instead take time to sit back and count all your blessings. Tonight I shall listen to the bells ringing out over the city and remind myself that life is very short, and very precious.

I wish you all a very happy holiday - however you choose to celebrate. I'll be eating (far too much!) at a big family gathering and then having friends come by on different days. What will you be doing?


  1. I'm glad to know that everything is fine to you, Sharon - I hope you will spend wonderful days.

    About me, I'll thank God for all the blessings of 2009, when I was far from home but I had great satisfactions with job and new experiences. These days I'll be busy cooking (and eating too, of course)- I'm already smelling the fragrance of struffoli, pastiera and roccocò... our typical Christmas desserts.
    Then I'll see friends, give presents (yesterday I received the perfume "The One - Dolce & Gabbana" - which I had always adored), I'll be walking the streets of San Gregorio Armeno here in Napoli, filled with magic lights and Christmas nativity shepherds, eating hot chestnuts and candy floss.

  2. Have a great Christmas Sharon. Take care. Caroline x

  3. Dear Sharon

    Is your diary free for 3pm 25 December 2010?


    Brigadier Crispin Smythe-Upton