Wednesday, 30 December 2009


How fortunate we are not to have to live in a cave. Seriously. Imagine how grim it must have been for our ancestors ..... I bet they didn't sit around wondering whether or not they were fulfilled!

I realised how much I take simple warmth for granted when my boiler broke down just after Christmas (naturally) and the atmosphere in the house plummeted to an igloo-like temperature. It was back to donning thick, unflattering polo-necks (designed to draw attention to festive excess around the chin region) and to leaping out of bed in the morning and having to move fast to stop yourself turning into one of those ice-statues which abounded in Narnia when the White Witch waved her accursed wand.

So here's a photo of my friend Tom (in Santa red) who is currently on a plane taking him to the warmer climes of Sydney. Lucky Tom. With him is Tim - and they helped liven up the Kendrick Christmas - even as the heat began to bleed from the house and we clustered desperately around the log fire.

Today I've been making a wedding cake for my school-friend, Heather and I have been a tad ambitious. Still, I think it works. The wedding is tomorrow - and I'll post a photo of it. For now, the design is secret......


  1. Brrr! Not a good time for the boiler to break down! It's freezing cold here up in Wales - minus 5 with the cold NE wind. Hope the boiler is fixed soon. Making a wedding cake seems a good idea for staying in the warmth of the kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the cake!

    On the subject of caves - me and the DH were thinking of living in Spain a while ago and looked in cave houses. Interestingly they keep the same temperature all year round. So suprisingly they are warm in winter and cool in the summer - providing you have doors and windows of course. So maybe our cavemen forefathers were onto something?!

    Have a good New Year, and wedding. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Thank you for helping to destroy my cave-stereotype, Caroline!

  3. Sometimes I also wonder how our ancestors used to live in caves - and watching LOST I see that we're so lucky of what we have...(warmth, boilers, etc.).
    Those survivors on the island endure rain, storms, humidity (never cold weather) and they seem to live in a primitive way - in those moments the cold seems to be a wonderful thing.
    Personally I also prefer cold wather to hot one!
    I hope the boiler will be fixed soon - and I look forwad to seeing the cake!

  4. Was a really lovely day - thanks so much Sharon. You'll have to pass on the recipe of Brighton Curry!
    T x
    ps It's only in the low 20s with a touch of drizzle here if it's any consolation ...