Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Back from Cornwall (WINDY!) and Avignon (TALL BUILDINGS) with lots of lovely photos but no battery. So - while I'm powering up the camera and tackling the book which is due very, very soon - I'll show you a figurine crafted by Kate Evans, who is enormously talented.

It's supposed to be me! She made it from Fimo modelling dough and then baked it in the oven. See how she cleverly replicated the amber beads which I used to wear ALL the time (and still love) and the Doc Martin boots (which have long gone).
The world of miniature fascinates me - hence my devotion to naff fridge magnets and toy-towns.
What fascinates you?


  1. The figurine in miniature is really cute! - and I love such things too. I saw Italy in miniature when I was in Rimini (Emilia Romagna) and it astonished me. So careful in details and precise.
    What fascinates me... well, I saw them in Naples and Florence too. They are people, static on the left or the right side of the streets, wearing odd clothes and maked up like statues - which don't move for any reason unless you give them a coin. Then they take a magic dust (silver stars) from their sleeve and lightly blow it on you... I think French people call them "les attitudes" - they fascinates me so much, they really seem living statues and they also add bright colour to the local folklore.

  2. We have those "statues" here in Winchester, Michela - and yes, they are brilliant.
    As for Rimini - I went there as a child and later as a nurse and loved it - if only I'd known about the little Italy.....