Thursday, 18 March 2010


What is it with shoes?  At the Romantic Novelists Association's 50th anniversary lunch yesterday - very few people seemed bothered by a pudding called a "Chocolate Orgasm" or the fact that the great and the good from the world of publishing were assembled there.  Not even by Barry Norman's jokes or Maeve Binchey (one of my all-time heroines) getting a lifetime achievement award.
No, it was the sight of author Penny Jordan producing an outrageously high-heeled shoe which had all the women swooning as if Daniel Craig had just strolled into the room. The distinctive scarlet sole marked it out as every fashionista's must-have.  

And here is is.

And here's my editor - the fabulous Bryony Green - wearing them!

I don't really get it.  Or them.  But watching grown women salivate over them was fascinating.
It's really very complex.....

Do you lust after shoes like these?


  1. I don't lust after shoes...but my two best friends in the world do. BIG TIME...It must be my age now but heels *that* size would just kill my feet. Caroline x p.s thanks for the wedding congrats. Piccis to follow - promise.

  2. Not shoes, but I have a thing about handbags. I've been known to completely embarass my mum, by stroking a particularly gorgeous specimen I've spied in a shop. They fascinate me, I don't know what it is, mum thinks I'm nuts, hey-ho, there's worse things in life.
    But, I have to admit, if someone gave me a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, (I could never afford to buy a pair myself), I would preen and admire myself too.
    xx Karen

  3. Not shoes. Radley handbags - now that's a whole new ballgame :o)

  4. Louboutin?! Pah, so last season darling ...

    "Everybody's going for those kinky boots, kiny boots" you'll hear ...

    Patrick X

  5. The line about women swooning for Daniel Craig made me smile.
    Totally agree! His James Bond performances are breathtaking – in “Casino Royale” he’s at the best.
    I love high-heeled shoes but of a different type – just less dangerous for my feet! – and of a more sober colour. I’m with Kate about handbags – love being in shops, looking and picking the right one.

  6. Dear Sharon,
    Yes, indeed, I do lust after shoes like these! The trouble is that they sink into the Highland moss too easily. Many is the time I have gone head over heels on the moors. Once I even landed up in Loch Ness. So I have given them up in favour of a more sensible shoe. Jimmy Choo is my favourite. Yours, Arthur

  7. Those shoes would be perfect for doing the milking in! On second thoughts I guess I'll just have to settle for wellies.
    Glad you had a good time and maybe I'll pluck up enough courage to go to one of the RNA parties or lunches one day - just for the shoes.

  8. ahead of the pack as usual! Today's Guardian:

    H x

    ps I go for "Lovely lanky thigh boots" everytime