Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I am sitting on a street sculpture in a city with a famous river which inspired a song which is dreamily sentimental. The river also inspired a derogatory phrase about the size of someone's mouth.  It's a BIG city. The clue is in the guitar. A brilliant guitar-player attended the nearby art-school.

Have you guessed where I am yet?


  1. Would I be right in guessing that the title of your post is also a song title type clue? :)

    You look thoroughly happy - what a lovely pic, and it's definitely spreading the sunshine!

  2. Dear Sharon,

    I really AM massively guessing here, but is it Liverpool by any chance?

    Kate's right, a lovely pic and I do soooo envy you your pristine knees!

    Lots of love,

    XXXX p.s there must be quite a few of us still desperate for details about Oxfordshire, Ms Kendrick. 'Heartbreakingly handsome man'and all that. Just an ickle crumb to put us out of out misery? xxxx

  3. I would have said Liverpool to be honest, if the song is "Ferry 'cross the Mersey"
    Guitar must be a Beatles reference.

    I must say I'm not familiar with the expression about someone's mouth...


  4. Kate - yes, to the song-clue!

    Rach - Liverpool indeed. Thank you for the knee compliment and no, I will not be distributing informational crumbs on this easily accessible website!

    Patrick, the expression is: "She's got a mouth as wide as the Mersey Tunnel" and was often used about Cherie Blair.

  5. Your immediate compliance is requested in removing all derogatory statements posted on this website relating to our client.

    Messrs Atkins Thomson, on behalf of Ms Cherie Booth

  6. Ohhh naughty Sharon - is big brother watching you? Or is the above a spoof? Although I have just googled Messrs Atkins Thomson and they do seem to be a firm of Solicitors. "We are not alone...."

  7. Ooh-er!
    I think it's a spoof, Caroline.....or rather, I HOPE it's a spoof!