Monday, 1 March 2010


Just back from Wales - where, on the way to Wrexham train station this morning - I spotted three women dressed in traditional Welsh costumes. Since I can't seem to upload a photo of this - it seems the perfect opportunity to publish another picture of the daffodil - the national emblem of Wales (and a photo which eagle-eyed blog followers will see was on the last one I wrote).

Anyway, there was lots of inspiration to be had and I will regale you with some of it during the week - but now I must hot-foot it to the supermercado as I'm having a Mother Hubbard moment.
Who else has been inspired?


  1. This afternoon went to see bookstalls in the neighbourhood of my university, a place so close to my heart.
    A passage which reminded me when I had to “fly” to follow all my numerous lessons (sometimes they were at the same time! Odd? Of course.) – and suddenly I’ve seen myself there with my old friends, years ago, drinking cappuccino and talking to my teachers in the street and while I was facing the building where I spent most of my academic years my heart has missed a beat.
    Melancholy for a time that will never come back – happiness for an achievement which made me feel grateful and satisfied while I was staring at the faint light enlightening the hall… this inspired me.

  2. Very moving, Michela - and such a lot of insight for one so young!

  3. Sharon - that was an Alphaville moment!
    Or else the German synthpop group which was popular in the 80's.

    What did they sing? "Forever young"....

    [...] Forever young, I want to be forever young...
    Do you really want to live forever
    Forever - and ever.
    It's so hard to get old without a cause
    I don't want to perish like a fading horse
    Youth's like diamonds in the sun
    And diamonds are forever...
    So many adventures couldn't happen today
    So many songs we forgot to play
    So many dreams swinging out of the blue
    We'll let them come true
    Forever young... [...]