Monday, 8 March 2010


is a WONDERFUL thing.   It's like that old song says: "the more I find out, the less I know.'

In London the other day, my footsteps seemed to be taking me towards a place which seemed oddly familiar - and then I realised it was.  And I found myself standing in Golden Square where I'd once been a nurse at the Royal National Ear Nose And Throat Hospital (what a lot of capitals).  It's a very famous square - planned by Wren and featured by Charles Dickens in Nicholas Nickelby. 

 There is a sweet statue of GEORGE II - an adulterous King who seems to be holding a snake in his hand.  I wonder if that is supposed to symbolise his amorous adventures....

The hospital has long gone and it was quite a spooky experience being back and remembering when I was a broke nurse living near King's Cross station (grim).  Realising that I'd never even noticed the statue when I worked there, I was hit by the hard smack of nostalgia.  
Has anything made you feel nostalgic recently?


  1. Dicken's descriped the square garden in his time as a little wilderness of shrubs' watched over by a 'mournful statue'.

    What's made me feel nostalgic recently? Well, reading the news today of the MPs' Takeover Panel inquiry into Kraft's (boo!) closing of the Cadbury factory in my childhood hometown of Keynsham, I remembered how on special days 'when the wind changed' we'd open the door to air heavy with aroma of chocolate ...

  2. Tom - Dickens was right - it IS a very mournful statue.

    And what a wonderful memory of the aroma of chocolate heavy on the air....I know that research has been done into giving people chocolate to smell in order to reduce cravings. Are the people of Keynsham slimmer than the national average as a result?
    And how INFURIATING that the factory is being closed down. Boo, indeed!

  3. Dear Sharon
    Can you tell us how long the snake was?
    I am most interested in these creatures, and fascinated by your theorem!
    Yours, Arturo