Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Italians (though playing a surprisingly under-achieving game of football against Paraguay in the World Cup last night) are model citizens when it comes to preserving the earth's resources. They eat locally-produced food (much of it grown themselves, whenever possible) and they don't tolerate waste.

Here I am in the exquisite town of Lucca - refilling my water bottle from a fountain. Cool, clean water - which is free. No need for hot tourists or workers to buy yet another un-recyclable plastic bottle of the stuff.

Simple question: Why aren't there more water fountains the world over?

Do you have a simple suggestion for ways to conserve the planet's resources (apart from closing down BP!)?


  1. Well Shazza, water's scarce as a Pom standing a round at the bar down here ... so I find giving the little fella a flick in the shower every morning helps keep me mindful. (see pic in the link above)

    Kenny, Coober Pedy

  2. Thanks for that link, Kenny - a shower timer seems like a very good idea!

  3. Unlucky match – but we trust our players.
    I always feel my heart exploding as I hear them singing our hymn “Brothers of Italy”.
    And had the same heartbreakingly beautiful sensation when I had the honour to sing it out loud during the ceremony of the solemn oath in the Navy.

    Not sure about the other places but there are lots of fountains in Napoli and in Rome too.

    Leave you a quote about Napoli:

    Don’t you hear it, do you? You don’t see it, you don’t understand… and yet, it’s always there, the same since always. All the vibrations that wrap us, which keep us in touch with other worlds, which lead our lives, our souls, leave or pass through this absurd town built over fire and water.

  4. I've been using collected rainwater in the gardens for several years now. It's a simple device that attaches to the downspouts and captures the runoff from the roof. The rainwater is collected in a barrel with a spigot on the bottom. I was inspired by a neighbor who uses a similar system, but on a larger scale. Her garden is beautifully lush all summer long.

  5. Such patriotism, Michela - absolutely not for consideration that Paraguay might have played well!
    Loved the quote....

    And Dan, such a brilliantly simple idea and one which I think I should adopt.

  6. Sharon, I'm using a pair of modified (and quite handsome) wine barrels to collect the rainwater. I've dressed them up a bit with some plantings around their bases.

    Here's a link that shows a similar configuration: