Saturday, 12 June 2010


Well, actually - mine was on Thursday and I had a wonderful day.
Here I am, eating oysters (yum!)

at one of my favourite restaurants which is in Tate Britain. If you look closely you'll be able to see the wonderful Rex Whistler murals which make the room feel like such an Arcadian paradise. I had lunch with an eminent historian (with whom I share a birthday) and a newly ennobled Lord, who has a keen interest in animal welfare.

Later, I was the recipient of this magnificent bouquet - which made me feel like one of my own heroines!

Here's a suitable tune to listen to by The Beatles
What time of the year is your birthday and what do you like best to do?


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, Sharon!

    Mine is at the end of March. I've spent the last 3 birthdays with my 2 brothers. They take me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. It's called 'The Signature Room' and it's on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building. It's a very nice place with magnificent views of the Chicago skyline, Michigan Avenue and the lakefront. But, to be honest, my brothers are such great fun, that we could be eating take-out and still have an incredible time...

  2. My birthday is at the end of February. My mother always tells me that I was born in a very cold month but I have a warm-hearted temper. Love you, mum!

    Last year I celebrated my birthday with my colleagues of the Navy in a wonderful restaurant in Piazza di Spagna. I love that square, wonderfully immortalized in famous films (Roman Holiday) and where John Keats lived and died in 1821.

    By night – there’s a magic atmosphere all around and hundreds of lights make everything special and delightful.

    Are you writing about a Russian hero? Nice choice… curious to read about him.
    I know some Russian men and they’re absolutely charming – as the language is wonderful (which I have been studied for three years).

    Absoljutno ociarovatel’nij! Khoroshuju rabotu…

  3. Hi Sharon - and belated BD. Mine is in the middle of March (clue: Julius C murdered on this day.) I *always* take the day off work on my BD and just go out for lunch somewhere with the dH. Working on my BD is a bing NO NO IMHO! Caroline x

  4. Happy belated birthday Sharon. What was it - 30 this year? Mine was just a month ago and my husband arranged for a weekend away - the two of us, my son and his partner in a country house hotel and spa including massage and facial. That was because he thought we really didn't need another Maine Coon kitten!


  5. Sharon my dear

    So I learn we share a birthday!

    Nothing better than carriage driving round the Great Park behind a four-in-hand team - do let me take you for a ride when you're next up.

    Pip x

  6. Happy Birhtday Sharon - a few days late, but I hope you enjoyed the day. The flowers are gorgeous.

    My birthday is Valentine's Day and I'm hoping that it is a good omen for an aspiring romance writer.

    All the best,

  7. These are all WONDERFUL - please keep them coming.
    Should have asked which star-sign and then we could have started some random sort of study.
    Is it too late?
    Mine's Gemini.

  8. (And Rachael will be Aquarious....)

  9. Hi Sharon,
    Hope you had a lovely birthday. Mum, the girls and I have just come back from Turkey. We all had a really realxing holiday. I borrowed mums copy of your new book...really enjoying it!
    My star sign is Aquarius like Rachel. I thought I would google it and this is what I came up with:
    Aquarius - The water carrier
    Traits: Friendly and Humanitarian
    Honest and Loyal
    Original and Inventive
    Independent and Intellectual
    (looking good so far)
    On the dark side (Oh dear!)
    Intractable and Contrary
    Perverse and Unpredictable
    Unemotional and Detached
    I suppose the only one I would disagree with is Unemotional. I am a very emotional person. I cry at the drop of a hat especially weddings, even when its not my own!
    Another thing it said was: I hide considerable depths of my character under a clock of fivolity. I think that applies to most people on the planet don't you think?
    I share a birthday with Jools Holland (I like him alot)
    I also read yours, which I'm sure you would be more interested in.
    Gemini - The Twins
    Traits: Adaptable and Versatile
    Communicative and Witty
    Intellectual and Eloquent
    Youthful and Lively
    Onthe dark side:
    Nervous and Tense
    Superficial and Inconsistant
    Cunning and Inquisitive
    Also: When they are good, they are very attractive; when they are bad they are more the worse for being the characters they are.
    You share a birthday with Judy Garland and Maurice Sendak (Children's Author)
    There was of course loads more but I wont go on.
    Looking back on yours, I don't think being inquisitive is a bad thing. Thats how one learns things surely? And being a writer I think you've got do be down right nosey :)
    On that note I will leave you with your thoughts.
    Good news about the newly ennobled Lord! we are over the rainbow. (As Judy would say) x

  10. Great comment – Diana! My sign is Pisces – as I was born on February 26th.
    And I share a birthday with Victor Hugo, Michael Bolton and Johnny Cash.

    Here's a wonderful quote by the first:

    Ce qu’on ne peut dire et ce qu’on ne peut taire, la musique l’exprime.

  11. March 31st for me... Aries.

    I share my birthday with Rene Descartes, Joseph Haydn, Gordie Howe and Ewan McGregor.

  12. Spookily accurate, Diana - and I never knew I shared a birthday with La Garland. Thank you.

    Also, Michela - could you please translate: Ce qu’on ne peut dire et ce qu’on ne peut taire, la musique l’exprime.

    Is it something like - when you can't find what you want to say, then music can express it perfectly?

  13. Starsigns? Pah - stuff and nonsense!


  14. Sharon – Hugo’s quote means:

    Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

  15. Diana,

    Thanks for the Aquarius insight. I TOTALLY agree - we are not unemotional.

    I love Michela's quote too.


  16. Rachael – if only that quote was mine! Nice play on words :)

    Mais l’auteur est insuperable!
    How I love his “Notre-Dame de Paris” and “Les Misérables”.

    And Sharon – wondering if my e-mail flied safely towards you… :)