Tuesday, 29 June 2010


After the appalling disappointment of England's performance in the World Cup against "arch-rivals Germany" (as the tabloids can't resist saying) - there is only one sporting possibility who keeps our hearts aflame with hope.
And here he is:

Yes, it's ANDY MURRAY (and looking like a bit of a heart-throb!). Go Andy!
Sport arouses such strong and frustrating passion....maybe I should just channel it all into my current hero, who is a cold-hearted Russian oligarch.
Who are you rooting for at the moment?


  1. I'm not going to say I called the England result (or the need for video-referees) because I don't want to rub it in to my Pom friends ...

    'Rooting for'? Cripes Sharon - Am I missing something? The verb and noun have a rather different meaning here down under!

  2. When I was younger, I was a fairly serious baseball fan. Lately, I am not a fan of professional sports at all. It's the commercialization of the sport that did me in. Key players receive contracts worth in excess of a hundred million dollars then seem to under-perform. Every day, it seems, you read about another player arrested for drug or firearm possession; driving under the influence of alcohol is commonplace. The use of performance-enhancing drugs is rampant, rendering statistics meaningless. Chicago teems with crazed sports fans - but I only can shake my head at it all. What happened to the role-models of my youth?

  3. I TOTALLY agree, Dan - and almost as bad are the sporting "heroes" who are paid vast amounts of money to advertise goods. That they are foul-tempered, dreadful role models and not actually very good at the very sport they represent seems neither here nor there. Not mentioning any names - other, of course - than Wayne Rooney.

  4. I get that one, Kyle. The last time friends from Adelaide were here for a visit, they had to explain their laughter upon meeting my neighbor, Randy. (It's short for Randall.)

  5. Well said, Sharon. Current local headlines include a baseball pitcher (currently under a $90+ million dollar contract) who started a fight with his own teammates during the game! Management had the good sense to suspend him indefinitely, but die-hard fans are livid.

  6. I hope Argentina wins the Final Cup – it deserves it. Diego Maradona was a legend in Napoli when he played in our team and I’ve read that he wants to be Napoli’s coach now. Ven aquĆ­, Diego!

    I’m not rooting for someone in particular now – except for an actor that Italy lost last night - Pietro Taricone - famous thanks to the first edition of Italian Big Brother and esteemed actor of famous films in Italy - died at only 35 because of a terrible fall due to parachuting, his great passion. He leaves his wife and a six year old daughter. Funny, charming and straightforward man, you’ve gone away too soon. Shocking loss – Italy is mourning you.

  7. Hi Dan - 'Randy' hey! Your neighbour would certainly have to stop and choose his words very carefully before stepping forward and introducing himself to an Australian ... particularly a Sheila!

    You may be able to help me out with something I've often wondered: is it hard for Americans to tell the difference between Australian and Cockney English accents?

  8. Kyle, I've had the pleasure of visiting both countries - and I think there is a distinct difference. But I can only speak for myself.

    It's been almost 10 years since I've been to Australia, but I can honestly say that I had the time of my life; I've never met friendlier people. I need to make a return trip soon.

  9. How sad to have lost such a young talent, Michela.

    I have to say that most of England won't echo your thoughts about Maradona - we're still smarting over the "Hand Of God" ball! But I agree, Argentina are playing well.



    GO, ANDY!

  11. Yes, Sharon. Indeed so sad that his passion (as your post is called) prematurely led him to death.

    Oh, Don’t English people like Maradona? Curious… Well, when I’ve said that here in Napoli he’s a legend it wasn’t a commonplace… :-) he’s really THE LEGEND in person. Ask a Neapolitan: “What do you love mostly?” Sure reply: “Pizza, sfogliatelle and “El Pibe de Oro” (Maradona)!” Maybe people don’t like him because he’s made some mistakes in life but who hasn’t? It’s same thing when we listen to Elvis Presley or Jim Morrison singing… or when we watch James Dean playing in “East of Eden” or in "The Giant" – when you contemplate an artist you forget the “person” because you’re overwhelmed by his/her talent.

    Anyway - go, Argentina! That match against Mexico was awesome…

  12. Sport again… turbulent discussion. Goodbye Argentina! What a misfortune… 2010 World Cup is almost ending for me – I just had four favourite teams and three of them are out now.

    Italy won in 2006 so I’m partially glad. (more or less...) Argentina and Brazil are also out.
    I hope Spain won’t lose but I’m not so sure.

    P.S. You know, “The Prince’s Chambermaid” will come in Italy next month :-) I’ve just seen it among other books.
    The Italian title is: “Lezioni proibite” (Forbidden lessons) – do you like it? And I’ve been lucky to have read it in English first thanks to your gift. x

  13. I love your photo of Andy Murry Sharon, I am a big fan, so I'm distraught he is out. Out beaten by Nadal.
    MMM more wine is in order to numb the pain I think x