Monday, 23 May 2011


Every so often, you see a photo which just makes you smile - and this is one such photo. It's of aspiring romance writer and dairy-farmer Rachael Thomas, taken in Italy on my recent writing course at Posara.

We go for an inspirational lunch (local fish cooked in chestnut leaves, followed by lemon sorbet in Prosecco) to a place of outstanding natural beauty - with blue-green mountains, emerald grass and rainbow flowers dotted around the meadows.
And this donkey.

We love him! (And Rachael was feeding him handfuls of sweet grass).
I realise that we don't know what he's called and perhaps I should have asked his name - unless anyone would like to suggest one?


  1. Oh he looks like a Rupert to me!

    That course of yours looks seriously fab,Sharon,but it was also nice to see you back for a few moments at the RNA party last week. Have you caught up with the laundry yet?

  2. Thanks, Rachael - yes, laundry sorted - just the current book which needs looking at!
    I must take my camera to the RNA party next time (the battery was dead) - so that I can do a montage.

    Rupert is a controversial choice because of the Bear connections!

  3. Jennifer Drogell23 May 2011 at 16:51

    Ah.. Pure Rachel. And having been there on this fabulous course, it might be the most beautiful place on earth!

  4. Jennifer Drogell23 May 2011 at 17:20

    Oh and the name! Shall we call him "Arnold?"

  5. Arnold?
    Yes, good choice, Jennifer. (Although presumably Mr. Schwartzenegger would prefer the suggestion which features before yours!)

  6. Are we sure that the donkey's a he Sharon?


  7. That is a very good point, Jack - we once thought our family hamster, Mustard was a female but when "she" was introduced to a vet at a party, it turned out that she was he....(hang on, I feel a song coming on!).

  8. Hi Sharon,
    What a great photo. It took me right back to the wonderful time I had in Tuscany on your course. As for the Donkey, I think he'd love to be called Arnold. I bet there aren't many donkeys in Tuscany called Arnold!