Saturday, 14 May 2011


Just back from one of my favourite places on earth....the Watermill at Posara.
(And here I am camping up the Italian aspect like mad!)

Against a verdant backdrop of soaring green mountains and to the sound of running water and church bells - you can learn how to craft a romantic novel. You will also laugh (I promise) and eat some of the best food you've ever tasted.

And if you're anything like me - you'll be dazzled by what looks like unseasonal snow at the top of the mountain. (Except that it's Carrara marble - the kind which Michelangelo used to fashion his stunning David)....duh!

Here (along with Kerstin and Bill) are the latest amazing bunch of women who took part in the course. The lovely Lesa is behind the camera.
So thank you (from left to right) Amanda, Helene, Jen, Louise, Alison, Jo, Rachael, Pippa, Sue and et moi.
Ladies: you rock!


  1. Gorgeous photo Sharon - and the colour of those flowers is incredible! How would you term it?

    Sounds like it was once more a fantastic and I'm sure inspirational time for all involved.

    For once in Australia I feel behind rather than in front of time (as we usually are): just about to watch the rebroadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest having avoided hearing the result all day. Did anyone else see it? Thinking back to Tuscany, this year marks the first time Italy, who had got rather sniffy about the whole thing, has sent a song in about 15 years or so ...


  2. Jennifer Drogell15 May 2011 at 18:07

    Thanks for THE most fabulous week in Tuscany and for being such a great muse for us all Sharon! I think we all had the time of our lives while we learned so much :) Jen xo

  3. Once again Sharon, it was the most wonderful time. The place, the food and the company were amazing. Your course was full of laughter and inspiration. Thanks. Xx

  4. I'd term those flowers "cerise", Jack! (For what it's worth, I rather liked the winning Eurovision song).

    Thanks Jen and Rachael - I agree, it really was the most amazing time in Italy. And as for inspiration - well, I got LOADS of it!

  5. What is Tuscany like? I toured the states but I have not yet been to Europe...that is most definitely on top of my to do list! Loved the flowers.

  6. Diane - it is the most gorgeous place. Caramel-coloured cows (with bells!) graze in emerald meadows. Massive alps. Villages and towns with terracotta roofs which cling to the side of soaring hills. Crystal clear rivers and cool and stately churches.
    As for the food.....
    You should go.
    (And I'll post that book off to you).

  7. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Great pictures, Sharon!

  8. I see this rather posh Guardian writing course is only four thousand pounds.

    I'm beginning to suspect that I'm not a Guardian reader.