Wednesday, 11 May 2011


are currently inspiring me. (I'll try to post a photo of them tomorrow).
My book THE FORBIDDEN WIFE is out in North America right now.
Oh, and I'm writing a short story for an English magazine....

This may explain why my presence here has been so erratic!
So what have you been doing?


  1. You look very 'summer-y' in your photo, Sharon. The Chicago area broke a nearly hundred year-old high temperature for the date, yesterday. It hit 90 degrees (F)! Today it was in the upper 80's. Unseasonably warm to say the least!

    I had a day off from work today and was planning a trip to a state park that's about 2 hours away. It's a lovely area with sandstone cliffs and several waterfalls. I had my hiking and camera gear packed and ready to go...

    Unfortunately, it was not to be. An elderly neighbor called early this morning and asked me to look at her air-conditioning unit. She's 97 years of age, and an absolutely lovely person. After several hours and more than a couple trips to the supply store, I was able to fix her air conditioning.

    I didn't get the day that I was hoping for, but I was able to help a neighbor and gain a few extra "karma points" while doing it...

    I eagerly await the pictures of the Acacia Blossoms!

  2. A great and kind deed done there Dan - hope you're managing to keep cool yourself.

    Ironically enough, it snowed here overnight - very rare for New South Wales (see link via my tag above).

    Sharon - intrigued about your short story. I've just finished a fantastic biography of Somerset Maugham and wondered whether the short story form of which he was master, so popular in the early/mid part of the twentieth century, was due a comeback ...

    Does anyone have a favourite tale of Maugham's to recommend?


  3. This is fantastic neighbourly intervention, Dan - good Karma indeed.

    Snow, Jack? In Sydney?

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  5. There is a ghost in the machine - all comments have disappeared!