Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Here I am by Table Mountain.....

Well, actually - it was clever design at the Chelsea Flower Show where I spent yesterday afternoon basking in the sunshine, while inhaling the heady fragrance of sweet peas, roses and hyacinth.

This was the Garden Of Contemplation.....which was beautifully calm and peaceful (can you see the Buddha?)

And here's a bronze statue which seemed to defy gravity in the way that only very few talented humans are able to.

And finally, The Fish - which was only a very small part of a very elaborate display of flowering temples and elephants. It's amazing - the artistry and flair which exists among dedicated gardeners and which gave me plenty of inspiration for the book I'm currently writing.
A book which features a devastatingly arrogant and irresistible Sheikh - and a woman called Ella who has sworn off men like him.....

Oh, and I've called the fish Wanda - just so you didn't have to!


  1. I'll make the Chelsea Flower show one of these days, Sharon, it always looks so amazing! Did you see the 'Zen' outside loo one?

    Are you sure your fish is a girl though? (Revenge for Rupert!) I thought it had a bit of a look of an 'Eric' about it ...

  2. Eric is good, Rachel. Or Erica?

    I saw a hideously tall crane and remarked that they should have moved it before the show started - and then realised that it was instrumental in shifting the "Sky Garden" upwards!

  3. Incredible photos, Sharon. I can almost smell the flowers...

    We're very lucky to have a couple of nature areas of note here near Chicago. The Morton Arboretum has a collection of plants, flowers, and trees on more than 1700 acres. I visit it yearly. The smaller, yet no less impressive, Chicago Botanic Garden is north of the city and covers a little under 400 acres. Both area are overwhelming in scope and beautiful places to visit.

    (Thanks for the "A Fish Called Wanda" reference, Sharon. It's one of my favorite movies.)

  4. Great photos Sharon. It amazes me how much work goes into the CFS! Did you see the garden in the sky aka Avatar? It was hyped about on the radio last weekend. Caroline x

  5. At that distance out to sea from Table Mountain, you'd be on Robben Island - which is also well worth visiting. Table Mountain features a red British postbox, which seems so out of place... am hitting the Flower Show on Saturday.