Friday, 20 May 2011


This photo is especially for Dan, who wanted to see them.

I think you'll agree that trees dripping with creamy-pale blossom in the warm Tuscan sun makes for a pretty seductive image.
This photo also helps explain why the local Acacia honey is so delicious.
And why I always leave a little bit of my heart behind.....

So, to distract me from Italia - why don't you tempt me with descriptions of places where you leave a little bit of your heart.


  1. Lovely. I can even smell them they are so gorgeous! Caroline x

  2. Lovely photo, Sharon. Thanks for posting it.

    Where do I leave a little of my heart? That's an easy one...

    I'm lucky to have a couple of life-long friends who have a home in the lakes region of Western Maine. Every summer, I'm invited to spend a week or two with them at their house on the lake. The visit is always wonderful; We catch up on what's new in each others lives - or talk and laugh about times gone by.... But the beauty and serenity of the lakes region is difficult to describe... The wondrous views of the White Mountains, the crystal clear waters of the lakes and the endlessly deep forests with their own sounds and rythyms... The visit always seems recharge my spiritual batteries..

  3. Wonderfully evocative photo Sharon - and Dan, I've always been intrigued by New England in the summer having only visited before during the whiteout of a Nor'easter!

    I'm looking forward to returning next month to one of the special places associated with happy family holidays, fantastic food and hot, lazy days amid the scent of the Mediterranean pines. - The sleepy little bay of Canadel on one of the last unspoilt stretches of the French Riveria. Clicking on my name will link to a pic which helps explain why the area was termed the Côte d'Azur ...

    Best to all