Friday, 13 November 2009


I was about to write that the Wizard Of Oz is celebrating it's 70th anniversary - until I remembered that there's no such thing as a wizard! And nobody ever had a pair of ruby slippers.....

And then I found this on sale at an Andy Warhole exhibition (and longed for a life-size pair of my own).

I leave you with a piece of musical perfection....though I don't know why it doesn't seem accessible....if you can manage to get it to work (or give me any tips on what I'm doing wrong) it you'll discover that there are Spanish subtitles which allow you to learn as you watch! 

I hope all your troubles melt like lemon-drops this weekend.


  1. Love the film and music too (the ruby slipper is perfect!) - when I attended high school I used to play at theatre and my dream was playing Dorothy Gale but there was no occasion. *sigh* Though it could be very hard to perform The Wizard of Oz at theatre.

    But I have been a Greek goddess, with a white silk tunic, a golden belt around my waist and a snake-shaped bracelet on my arm.
    It is nice too, isn't it?

    Being in theme... Yesterday I rewatched "Seven brides for seven brothers", another famous musical film - I dreamt of those mountain chalets and season changes all the time.

  2. I think Andy Warhol would have found your typo very droll ...


  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Edie!

    Michela - I have never seen Seven Brides and think it a shocking ommision. Once I've finished with the latest book I shall remedy the situation.

  4. To get you tube to work on a blog is a leap of faith.
    YOu put the embedded portion in the html view of your blog and then when the blog is published, it is there. Before being published it shows up as a box.

  5. Have tried (I THINK) what you suggested, Michelle....but nothing seemed to happen.

  6. Love the slipper...want one. Reminds me of the Cinderella story as well - more shoe themed stories - us girls can't get enough of shoes me thinks!

    On the Andy Warhol theme - and great for all us unpublished/rejected would be writers - the link below is a "classic" rejection letter that should make you smile and not give up hope! Take care. Caroline x