Tuesday, 10 November 2009


well, mainly hearts.

PINK hearts......

Today I'm blogging over at the Pink Heart Society - you may have heard of them. They're a "blogazine" (crazy word!) for lovers of category romance novels - so clearly they're discerning people catering to people of discerning taste!

I'm talking about celebrity magazines. You know - those trashy, glossy periodicals which you'd HATE to be seen reading on a train. Shakespeare said: "apparel oft proclaims the man" - but what we read says a lot about how other people perceive us, too.

So are you brave enough to read what you want, where you want - without worrying about how you are judged?

You can visit on http://www.pinkheartsociety.blogspot.com/


  1. "Pink Heart Society"... I don't know the "blogazine" - but the photo, with that shocking pink heart remembers the famous movie of the '80s "Pretty in pink" starring Molly Ringwald and James Spader - yes, I saw it and I'm brave to say it! *laugh*

    I think that people give too much attention to prejudices and they should feel free to read what they want. I saw many people reading the oddest books (in my opinion) on a train: "The book of fortune" for example.
    This reveals many things about a person.

    But I feel free to read what I like: novels, philosophy, art, gossip magazines too, why not.
    An intelligent person should know that he/she can perceive a little part of me seeing what I read, but not everything. So, am I brave enough? :)

  2. You are very brave, Michela! Life is too short to care about image.
    Carpe diem.

  3. Nadine, Santa Barbara, CA11 November 2009 at 07:23

    Dear Sharon

    I just love your blog!

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, photos and writing - it's a real inspiration for me.

    I'm just starting out writing my first full length romance and your heroes post has given me some really good tips. Realised my hero Rafael needed an alpha-male tune up! I mean, he even had glasses! Well they're out the window now ...

    Keep up the fabulous work.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks so much for your post, Nadine - but I must say here that glasses can be VERY sexy. So don't give up on them.
    And good luck with writing your novel.

  5. Thanks Sharon - perhaps I should make my hero so strong and assured that he doesn't regard wearing glasses as a sign of weakness but instead a mark of his total confidence and intellectual brilliance? Maybe he could have 3 pairs hanging around his neck and another atop his lustrous hair; all suited to the varying depths of vision needed for his intense gaze! Just imagine the crackling tension as he stops to change pairs from the titanium wraparounds to the tortoiseshell half frames so that he can peer more intently into the heroine's eyes ... Or is that getting a little too complicated? I suppose readers will think it unbelievable - I've got to keep it realistic even though it's a romance...!
    I found you (or your blog at least!) through the pinkheartsociety blog which I love. Although I think I may fall in love with yours even more now! Will tell my writing group too here to look you up to ...
    N x