Friday, 20 November 2009


Rach from Fareham suggests that Alexis could be good inspirational material - and since I could certainly do with some at the moment - here he is.

What d'you think?
To my mind he's just a little bit TOO perfect to make a perfect Presents hero. He just doesn't look quite complicated and complex enough to be a bad boy who comes good.....

Having said that - I should be careful what I wish for since my current hero is giving me headaches. I have spent the whole day grappling with him and he is refusing to behave!

So in an attempt to give my imagination a break - I leave you with this thought. If you could have dinner tomorrow night with anyone you choose - living or dead - who would it be?

William Shakespeare.


  1. I'm gonna be greedy here and have two. (Indulge me I've just read the I Heart Presents blog about the HM&B writing competition and I'm feeling sorry for myself!)

    Alive - Damien Lewis. (Shallow moi? You bet baby!)

    Dead - William Wallace (just to see if he's anything like Mel Gibson!)

    And I have to agree that the "hero" in your picci is a tad too perfect. He looks as if he stepped out of a L'Oriel advert, and keeps saying to his reflection in a mirror "because I'm worth it". Take care. Caroline x

  2. Alexis is surely handsome - his look has got something "primitive", but you're right - he just seems too perfect to be the examplary hero.
    Cool Water Davidhoff for woman would be my favourite perfume if Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana hadn't captured me at the very first smell of it.

    Talking about dead people I would have dinner with... definitely Harold Pinter, the genius of English theatre and Nobel Prize for literature.
    But if I could have dinner tomorrow night with someone alive I would say... the man of my life.
    If only I had met him. Where are you soul mate?
    Who knows, maybe somewhere here on earth the right one has perceived my silent call.