Tuesday, 22 December 2009


But sadly, I've missed out on a great deal of partying (including the fabulous Shreve Family Singalong) because my son has been in hospital with a horrible Quinzy. This isn't an old-fashioned variety of apple but a ghastly peri-tonsillar abcess which involved him arriving home from Avignon and being whisked straight into Southampton General to be pumped full of antibiotics. A big thank you to our wonderful health service - which comes in for so much flak from the media.
Thankfully, he's now home and on the mend - though my nursing skills are so rusty that I can't seem to pop a painkiller from the pack without breaking it in half.
And the weather is so icy that I feel like Jayne Torville every time I set foot outside my door.

Here's a shot of the back garden.

Okay, pretend you're ill and want cheering up.....what would do it for you?


  1. Sharon, I'm so sorry that your son was ill but also happy that he's now on the mend.
    He's lucky that medicines can help him - unfortunately I'm allergic to certain painkillers.
    When I'm ill (flu, cold, cough) I use to drink my mom's hot apple cider with laurel leaves and honey. It's my best medicine - together with relax and some good classical music (Chopin is the elixir of my soul).
    Could that work for him too?
    P.S. The shot of your garden full of snow is magic (also considered that here in Napoli I never see the snow. *sigh*)
    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks, Michela - that sounds delicious.... When you say "laurel" leaves - do you mean bay leaves?

    You may not see the snow in Napoli - but you get a lot more sun than we ever do!

  3. Yes.... - after posting my comment I've realized that "bay leaves" was the suitable term.


  4. Hope your son is gets well soon! With his mum nursing him - he'll soon be on the mend! Take care. Caroline x

  5. Sorry your son is not well. My brother had quinzy recently too, its a nasty thing. Hope he feels better soon.
    Your garden looks pretty dusted with snow. It has been really cold her in Wales, making life on the farm even harder.

  6. Angry of Arbroath23 December 2009 at 17:43

    Why is everything always the media's fault? Your baby was lucky to have had a good experience at the hands of the NHS. Thousands don't.