Sunday, 3 January 2010


Gosh, but you readers of romance are passionate devotees of the whirlwind love-affair, aren't you? (Don't know why that should surprise me).
So to continue on the wedding theme, here is a photo of the bride's bouquet - which I caught. Yes, I know. And yes, there were loads of beautiful young girls milling around....but when I saw the fragrant spray of blooms arcing through the air towards me - I just couldn't help myself and clicked straight into competitive mode.
It was a real Chariots Of Fire moment: I was the goal attack in the school netball team again. The mother at the school sports-day who charges forward like a bat out of hell. I leapt into the air (even the memory seems to be in slow-mo) and grasped the cream-ribboned stems with ease.
How I love traditions.

And here - because England is currently the grip of what is known as a "cold snap" (which always sounds like a drink from Russia) - I will illustrate the glorious frostiness of the eight mile walk I took this morning. Heavenly. And providing just the right kind of inspiration for the new book, which I'm starting this week.


  1. The frostiness of England matches with Russia perfectly.
    I love everything about Russia and that's why I've studied the language.
    After England, it will be the perfect destination to visit - possibly on spring.
    Though I'm very tempted to see it during cold winter.

    Glad to read you're going to start a new book - if I may suggest a good inspiration...
    Paullina Simons's trilogy: The Bronze Horseman - Tatiana & Alexander - The summer Garden - about the impossible love story of Red Army officer Alexander Belov (everyone thinks he's Russian but he's American)
    and a young woman named Tatiana Metanova against the backdrop of the Siege of Leningrad during World War 2.
    He's her sister's fiancé but when he, unaware of that, meets the young, sweet and blonde Tatiana he madly falls in love wih her.
    There's love, war, passion, secrets, troubles... and I've been in love with Alexander for several months after the reading.

  2. Lovely flowers! Yes it is cold here in old Blighty at the moment isn't it? I've gone to bed - it's half past 4 in the afternoon and bed is the warmest place at the moment! DH2b is away at the moment so I've lost my hot water bottle! Take care. Caroline x

  3. Alexander and Tatiana's story sounds completely inspirational, Michela - maybe I'll read it once I've finished Jane Eyre.

    And Caroline - tucked up in bed away from the bleak midwinter is a brilliant idea!

  4. If you think it's cold in Winchester you should try Arbroath, lassie! All I have to warm myself here is a copy of your latest volume. It's a long winter in Scotland, so keep them coming!